Information Sessions – Honours Bachelor of Interpretation (American Sign Language – English) program (C302)

Program Online Information Session

Prior to registering and attending a mandatory program screening session, all applicants to the Honours Bachelor of Interpretation (American Sign Language English) (C302) are required to view the Program Information Session videos.  This session, divided into five chapters, will provide information about program content, career options, pre-requisites for application and the screening session.

Please complete this requirement online by viewing the five (5) videos below:

Chapter 1:  Introduction to the Program

Chapter 2:  What is an Interpreter and Where Do They Work?

Chapter 3:  Admission Requirements

Chapter 4:  Program Screening

Chapter 5:  Not Quite Ready

Once you have finished viewing the five chapters above, please ensure all admission requirements have been completed.  These requirements can be found at

What to Do Next: