ASL Field Placement Information

ASL Field Placement Information

Field Placements

  • Faculty discuss the details of Field Placement with each student prior to placement.
  • Placements usually occur during regular working hours from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday. 
  • The student and field supervisor negotiate the timing of the placement hours.  
  • In addition to placement, all students are required to participate in Service Learning opportunities within the Deaf and interpreter community for which they receive credit.

Semesters 2 and 4 placements (January to the end of April):

  • Students are in the field one day per week.
  • 60 hours of field placement are required for 3 credits.
  • Typically, field placement begins in February and continues until the end of April. In some instances, due to the nature of the work and the capacity of placement supervisors in the field to mentor and supervise students, Field Placement continues into May and June. This arrangement is discussed with each student in advance and is to be mutually agreed upon by both parties.
  • Some students may choose to continue field placement until mid June to enrich their learning. 

Semester 5 (September to the end of December) and semester 6 (January to the end of April) placements:

  • Placement occurs in blocks of 4 – 5 weeks 
  • Semester 5 placements occur during weeks 9 to 12; 168 credit hours
  • Semester 6 placements occur during  weeks 9 to 13; 179 credit hours
  • Field Placement is completed by the end of the semester. 

Additional Learning Opportunities:

  • Students are strongly encouraged to attend Deaf and interpreter community meetings, events or other activities during evening hours or on weekends to enhance their ASL learning.
  • Students can take advantage of extra opportunities presented to them by the college liaison or the placement supervisor.
  • Students may choose to participate in placement activities during Intersession.


As many of our community agencies and partners are located throughout the GTA, access to a vehicle and funds to cover parking may be necessary.

All students are required to maintain confidentiality regarding placement and service learning activities.