Student Information - The Consulting Hub

What students do

The Consulting Hub offers a great opportunity for students to gain real-world practical experience as well as build valuable industry connections. Our students work as Consultants, supported by faculty and industry coaches, to establish the best approach to client’s strategic goals, including:

  • Customer acquisition strategies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market research
  • Marketing plans
  • Project management
  • Data analytics

Student Benefits:

  • Opportunity to get paid and/or receive academic credit by working on real-life projects
  • Resume and portfolio building
  • Expanded professional and peer network
  • Experience working in a high-performing and team-oriented culture
  • Increased self-confidence and enhanced soft and technical skills

The Consulting Hub is available to the students in the following programs:

Graduate Certificate Programs

Advanced Diploma Programs

Student Success Stories:

"The Management Consulting program at George Brown provided a perfect balance between classroom and real world. Working with industry-leading organizations in my project provided me with the necessary competencies to be an effective consultant in the Canadian Market. This important part of the program led to being hired full-time by my client following finishing the final project and the program."
Sara Zubair (Consulting Graduate, hired full-time by the client)

"The Consulting Program definitely exceeded my expectations and provided great guidance and knowledge for my future endeavours. The Consulting Hub is conveniently located in downtown Toronto, and is equipped with private meeting rooms and a computer lab which provides a great and tailored environment for students to excel throughout the program."
Jose Calvo Bolanos (International Business Management Graduate, 2017)

"What stood out to me the most was the teaching faculty and the level of real-world knowledge and experiences that they brought to the classroom. The real-world project paid off in practical project management experience, the development of exciting new network contacts, and the offer of full-time employment from my client. I would recommend George Brown's Project Management program to anyone seeking a truly professional experience leading to long-term employment opportunities in the field."
Katrina Bruch (Project Management Graduate, hired full-time by the client)

"When I graduated from university I was discouraged to find that my degree and work experience were not enough to help me stand out against other young adults looking to enter the workforce. After months of reaching out to employers, I applied to George Brown’s Project Management Postgraduate Program. During my time in this program, I gained the skills and the experience that I needed to enter the Project Management world with confidence. With the help of the school and the guidance from my professors I secured a position as a Project Coordinator before I had even completed the program."
Emily Shebib (Project Management Graduate)