Client Information - The Consulting Hub

What is the Consulting Hub

The Consulting Hub provides an opportunity for business professionals to get valuable recommendations while helping students gain hands-on work experience. Our student consultants focus on client’s needs and work collaboratively with faculty and industry coaches to define practical solutions to add to client’s business goals and objectives.

Client Benefits:

  • Low-cost access to significant physical and intellectual resources
  • Application of entrepreneurial concepts and principles to increase capacity, productivity and sustainability
  • Idea generation of alternate revenue streams
  • Facilitation of strategic alliances
  • Practical solutions, recommendations and hands-on assistance

Get Involved:

To begin the process of adding value to your business, please email a brief description of the work or area of work you are looking to have completed and when you would like us to begin. You will be contacted within 24 hours.


Location: 200 King St. E., The Consulting Hub, Rm 168B/174B, Toronto, Ontario, M5W 3A8


  • For-profit organizations: $30/hour to a cap of $2,400 for a group of up to 4 students for the completion of the contract (typically 4 months)
  • Not-for-profit organizations: Pro-bono

Client Testimonials:

“Over the past two years of working with The Consulting Hub we have had multiple positive experiences with different projects.  As the recipients of well-researched and professional reports we were able to implement project plans with great success. Our business now runs smoother and has experienced increased revenue. We look forward to continuing our business relationship and the future successes we expect to share."
Rich Bachelor, President & Principal Consultant, Capillary Consulting

“The Consulting Hub has helped YES develop a marketing plan – which we are implementing to a T – and has provided guidance to us as we develop our Strategic Plan. We have worked with the Consulting Hub on two separate projects and have found them to be very professional. Their recommendations are thorough and well thought out. They don’t just say here’s what you should do, they give you the “how to do it” as well. I have been extremely pleased with George Brown College’s Consulting Hub's work and the team's dedication and commitment.”
Timothy Lang, President and CEO, Youth Employment Services - YES

“The team demonstrated a genuine interest in the project and our business. Their thoroughness, attention to detail, engagement in conference call meetings and physical meetings, and professional demeanour was very impressive and appreciated. The quality of the finished product was excellent. Thanks to the GBC team, we now have a very good model to use for future considerations of investments in facility locations.”
Mark Duffy, CEO, Universal Pasteurization