Class Projects - The Consulting Hub

Our approach to complex challenges

The Consulting Hub works with a variety of different businesses of various sizes including small to medium-sized businesses as well as not-for-profit organizations. The projects that our student consultants take on greatly vary in tasks and time commitment employing different skill sets that our students possess.

Marketing Plan for Youth Employment Services (“YES”)

“YES” leads the Canadian youth sector with innovative programs that empower disadvantaged and vulnerable youth to become self-sufficient contributing members of society.

The Challenge: Create an actionable marketing plan with SMART Goals for “YES”.

The Result: The team conducted primary and secondary research and created a cost-effective marketing plan.

Research and Analysis for Universal Pasteurization

Universal Pasteurization provides high-pressure processing (HPP), cold storage and pre-HPP & post-HPP value-added services that help companies safely bring longer-lasting, cleaner-label products to market.

The Challenge: New location selection criteria that would structure a decision-making model for new location investments in new facilities in North America.

The Result: Created a report that included:

  1. Mapping and naming of food and beverage manufacturers in North America
  2. Identifying HPP and Cold Storage competitors/companies
  3. Labour pool study
  4. Cost to buy/lease real estate
  5. Environmental analysis identifying advantages/disadvantages associated with water, power, etc.

Feasibility Study for APEX PR

Apex PR is a collection of senior level strategists that provide clients with creative ideas concentrating on consumer brands, corporate and financial communications, and technology.

The Challenge: Determine the attractiveness of the Video PR market and the possibilities of incorporating it into APEX.

The Result: IGNITE Consulting provided concrete recommendations with complete market research to help APEX PR make a strategic decision to use video and internet for media engagement, press releases and direct-to-audience engagement.

Go-to-Market Guide for OneSmartWorld (OSW)

OneSmartWorld helps people, teams and organizations everywhere learn to use their total intelligence to work smarter together and succeed.

The Challenge: Develop a Go-to-Market Guide with effective social media and web tactics.

The Result: The team put together a powerful report combining research on competitors, alternative business models, the market, best practices, as well as an extensive list of actionable strategies for OSW and the use of social media and search engine optimization (SEO).

Marketing Research and Business Planning for PlayLab

PlayLab Inc. offers a series of unique hands-on project-based educational experiences for students in Grades 1– 6.

The Challenge: Create a marketing and sales strategy with a database of prospective clients; develop branding, web and social media strategies.

The Result: The strategy developed during this project provided PlayLab with an opportunity for market outreach to a broader base and larger pool of potential customers. The consultants established a platform to help PlayLab communicate with the world.