Alumni Stories – Christopher Deir

Bachelor of Business Administration - Financial Services B301

Graduate, 2007

His options opened up again when an MBA co-op placement led him to rethink his career goals and pursue a Charter Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Since then, Christopher has completed the CFA program while working as a Fund Analyst for RBC Global Asset Management.

After 2-years at RBC Global Asset Management, Christopher took a leap of faith by shifting his focus to the entrepreneurial world. He cofounded PURE Building Group, a construction management and real estate development firm specializing in custom residential developments. Fast-forward to today, and Christopher is putting his myriad of experiences towards helping other business owners in realizing their aspirations and growing their business. Working as a Start-Up Coach and Business Consultant, Christopher is able to synergize all of his experiences and resources at the service of other entrepreneurs. He credits his success to all stages of his journey, but specifically recounts his time at George Brown College as setting the foundation for the depth and breadth of practical experience which followed.

What stands out the most in Christopher’s mind about his time at George Brown is the attention and support he received from the faculty. Small class sizes allowed for lots of questions and group discussions in class and access to faculty outside of class.

Plus with instructors that were still active in the industry, Christopher felt confident that what he was learning was relevant and could be carried over to the real world.