NEW Advanced Diploma in Building Automation – Electromechanical Engineering Technology

T146 Program Building Automation Student

Specialization in building automation is growing in demand. Most electromechanical engineering technology programs focus on automation and robotics for the industrial/manufacturing sector, but not building automation and the construction/property development sector. Our program bridges that gap - answering the growing demand by industry employers.

Huge Growth and Employer Demand

This advanced diploma will prepare you for variety of jobs in the industrial/manufacturing sector, and will also give you the skillset needed to meet the growing labour demand from the construction and property development sector. Builders and property managers are looking for graduates to design and integrate building control systems such as lighting, telephony, security, PLC, HVAC, air quality, energy consumption and fire and safety. Employers are seeking graduates familiar with a centralized approach to managing and controlling a building from an interface that provides building-wide efficiency, cost-effective operations and information sharing.


If you hold a 2 year diploma in electromechanical engineering, you may be eligible to complete this program in just 1 year* – delivering you with a 3 year advanced diploma in just one year. Contact the School of Mechanical and Engineering Technologies today for more information - Courses start in September! 

Get the skills you need to succeed.

Find complete program details including admission requirements.

Breadth and depth of our program:

  • Ability to adapt to all building types (Office, Condos, Hotels, Schools…etc)
  • Graphically monitor and control the building environment
  • Schedule and modify mechanical equipment operation
  • Collect, view and analyze trend information
  • Connect  individual system controls through a centralized system
  • Integrate data from multiple systems into a centrally managed and secure platform
  • Make management decisions with information and reporting capabilities
  • Profile energy usage, allocate utility costs and analyze HVAC performance
  • Support sustainability programs that require performance monitoring and certification reporting
  • Monitor critical environments and ensure strict adherence to specified operating conditions

This program will put you on a career path towards:

  • Building Automation Manager
  • Property/Facilities Manager
  • Construction Coordinators for Mechanical/Electrical Systems Integration
  • Engineering Retrofit Contractors
  • Communication and Information Systems Manager

Getting hired post-graduation

Armed with your 3 year advanced diploma in Building Automation, expect to qualify for the following jobs:

  • Building Automation Coordinator Technologist
  • Systems Operations/Integration Technologist (e.g. property management systems operators)
  • Sales Technologist
  • Service Technologist
  • Mechanical & Electrical Coordinator
  • Installation Representative
  • Research Assistants with responsibilities to design and implement hardware and software solutions

This program will provide you with a flexible and responsive learning environment that includes small classes, engaging professors and modern facilities.

*Contact us for details (416) 415-5000, ext. 6330 or Email:



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