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  •  OCAA, CCAA, CCES Drug Free Sports 

    The CCAA will be fully implementing the policies and procedures set by the CCES in accordance to WADA regulations in order to provide a fair and doping-free sport environment. These policies and procedures are in regards to the intake and use of illegal and/or performance enhancing substances.  Athletes will be subjected to both random and announced drug testing anytime during the college sport season (including pre-season camps, practices and exhibition games).

    All athletes are reminded to inform their personal physicians that they are competing in college athletics and certain medications (prescription or over the counter) may be considered banned or prohibited by the CCES and WADA.  Physicians and athletes are, therefore, encouraged to refer to the 2004 CCES Substance Classification Booklet (available from the GBC Athletic Department) before using any medication to relieve illness and/or symptoms.

    Please remember that the ultimate responsibility for any substance that is taken by the athlete lays with the athlete him or herself.