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    While participation in Varsity Athletics is an important component of college life, student athletes must remember that their primary goal is academics.  Responsibility for academic success lies with the student athlete.  The Department of Athletics and Recreation is committed to assist in the realization of that success.
    A student who is not maintaining a satisfactory academic standard and adequate attendance in his/her educational program will not be permitted to participate in Varsity Athletics.
    1.            All athletes must maintain a passing grade in all course subjects with a minimum GPA of 1.8. Failing to do so will be handled under the following conditions:
    ¨      Any athlete failing one (1) course subject will be on probation and allowed to participate on the Varsity Team, on the condition that the athlete upgrades his/her mark within one (1) month to the satisfaction of the Athletics Academic Mentor and the Manager of Athletics and Recreation.

    ¨      Any athlete failing two (2) course subjects will be suspended and not be permitted to participate in practices or games for a one (1) month period. The athlete must upgrade his/her mark within one month to the satisfaction of the Student Success Coordinator  and the Manager of Athletics before re-instatement.

    ¨      Any athlete failing three (3) or more course subjects will not be permitted to participate on any Varsity team for the subsequent semester. An assessment of the athlete's progress over that semester will be used to determine future participation.

    2.            All athletes must attend classes regularly.  Failure to maintain regular attendance may result in suspension for two weeks or longer (at discretion of sport coordinator) until attendance is back to an acceptable level.
    3.            All athletes must abide by the rules and regulations as identified by their coaches. Any serious conflicts or problems must be brought to the attention of the Manager of Athletics and Recreation.

    5.            All athletes must respect and obey all the rules and regulations of the College and conduct themselves according to the student code of conduct.


    You are encouraged to inform your instructors that you are a Varsity athlete.  On occasion, the distance to be traveled to compete necessitates leaving class early.  Your instructor is not obliged to excuse you.  Your participation in Varsity Athletics will depend on how honest and committed you are in showing the instructor you intend to make up any missed work.  A form letter is available from your Varsity Coordinator if you would like additional documentation stating that you are a team member.


    At George Brown College, we value academic success.  Our ultimate goal is for all student athletes to graduate at completion of their academic program.  We want student-athletes who work hard to achieve success in the classroom and in athletic competition.  The Athletic Academic Studies Support Program is designed to assist in the achievement of Academic goals.

    Our goals are:
    ¨      To facilitate the athlete's academic success.
    ¨      To regularly review academic progress.
    ¨      To regularly provide feedback and encouragement.
    ¨      To recognize academic improvement.
    ¨      To recognize the achievement of academic excellence.

    The Athletic Academic Studies Support Program goes beyond academic eligibility.  It is a program of support for student athletes.  Varsity Coordinators and Athletic Academic Advisor are able to assist varsity athletes in planning their strategies for success.  They can help students to connect with the College's counseling resources.  If necessary, they can act as a link between the student athlete and his/her Academic program coordinator.


    As a varsity athlete it is expected that you will excel both athletically and academically. The Athletics Department has personnel designated to help you achieve your goals. Working with the Athletic Academic Advisor, the following are expectations of you this year:

    Student Athletes will:

    a)            Attend the “Player Orientation” group session which includes (Drug Testing, Impact Base Testing, Player Eligibility, Player Manual, and SAASP Program review).

    b)           **Attend the “Counseling Introduction” group session

    c)            Meet with Professor(s) to advise that you are a member of a George Brown intercollegiate team and identify  (well in advance) any potential classroom academic conflicts.

    d)           Provide Professors(s) with the “Student Athlete Absentee Request Letter” for every team commitment that conflict with a class, lab or field trip. 

    e)            Consult with Professor(s), as required throughout the Semester, to request the completion of the “Attendance Record” and a midterm “Academic Progress Report”.

    f)             Participate in all initiatives recommended for academic success

    g)           Seek immediate assistance if any academic concerns arise with the Varsity Coordinator &/or Mentor, subsequently schedule a meeting with a College Counsellor.

    h)           Provide the Athletics & Recreation Department with an up to date class Time Table.


    Eligibility to participate in Varsity Athletics is determined by a student athlete's cumulative grade/point average (GPA).  The cumulative GPA is your overall grade/point average, which indicates your full record of Academic achievement.  You must maintain a cumulative GPA of 1.8 or higher to remain eligible to play. (1 failed subject - probation, 2 failed subjects - suspension)
    Incoming student-athletes at George Brown College are allowed one semester to establish their cumulative GPA, at which time the eligibility rule takes effect and remains in effect.

    An athlete with probationary status will be closely monitored.  The first unsatisfactory report received by the Athletic Academic Studies Support Program Advisor will result in his/her suspension from Varsity athletics until a semester has been passed.

    A student-athlete whose semester GPA has been below 1.7 for two of the previous three semesters must begin an academic counselling program.  Varsity Coordinators will initiate this process with the student and the Athletic Academic Studies Support Program Advisor.


    Any student who has failed 3 or more courses or has an average GPA of less than 1.7 will automatically be suspended from his/her team.

    Everyone’s situation is unique and it is possible to appeal and be reinstated if you follow the appeal process:

    1       Appeals must be submitted on the Athletic Academic Appeals form (see Appendices), within 5 days of start of the new semester. For example, if you were suspended because of  failing grades in Fall of 2011, you have the first 5 calendar days in January 2012 to submit your appeal along with any appropriate documentation. 

    2.     All appeal submissions must be submitted to the St. James Athletic Office or to the Manager of Athletics and Recreation, George Brown College.

    3.     The committee will consist of the Manager of Athletics and Recreation, the Sport and Recreation Coordinator, and a counselor from the Student Affairs department. The typical review process and final decision will be made between 7-10 days of receiving the appeal.​