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    George Brown College has a proud tradition of giving students an opportunity to compete in a variety of varsity sports. 

    The Huskies have an opportunity to play Colleges and Universities, who are members of the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA). On a National level, providing they meet the standards, George Brown students can also take part in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) championships. 

    George Brown also supports several teams that play in a series of tournaments under the jurisdiction of the Ontario Colleges Committee on Campus Recreation (OCCCR).

    Mascot: Husky

    Colors:  Blue, White and Grey 

    Intercollegiate (Varsity) Sports: Badminton, Baseball, Basketball (Men’s and Women’s), Cross Country, Soccer (Men’s and Women’s), Volleyball (Men’s and Women’s) 

    Extramural Sports: Basketball (Men's), Cricket (Men's), Dodge ball (Coed), Ice Hockey (Men's), Indoor Soccer (Coed), Volleyball (Coed), Ultimate Frisbee