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  • The Alex Barbier Tribute Fund

    The Alex Barbier Tribute Fund is a financial savings within the George Brown Athletics. Bursaries are given to deserving athletes who meet the athletic, academic and attitude requirements George Brown Athletics puts in place. The fund helps student-athletes with the endeavours while in a full-time program at George Brown College.

    The fund was named after the builder of George Brown Athletics, Alex Barbier. His biggest strength was his ability to build a community, whether it was within Athletics, Student Life, or even amongst staff at George Brown. Alex was a strong believer in having a tight community as a team to build strength and achieve larger and better things. He was the founder of the Children’s Holiday Party for the staff at George Brown, as well as the Staff picnic, and a few other initiatives that he felt that with a strong staff community they could all do their jobs better and serve the one purpose they were there for: the students. 

    Alex Barbier passed away in July 2011 from pancreatic cancer, leaving an enormous legacy in Athletics. Not only was he renowned within the college, he was well respected by his peers from other colleges, often as a leader and innovator in college sports. The St. James campus gymnasium is appropriately called the Alex Barbier gymnasium, a facility that he built and is still in use today for varsity competition. Although physically he is missed, his legacy lives on with the foundation of his integrity, passion, and Huskies pride with every staff that works there.

    He was the heart and soul of Athletics, and he cared so much about students that he often gone way beyond to help in some way. The Alex Barbier Tribute Fund was established to help student athletes be successful at George Brown through scholarships. A contribution, whether large or small, would make a difference in any current student’s life.

    For more information contact Gerard Hayes, Director of Student Experience at 416-415-500 ex. 2456 or by e-mail at