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Kelsey-Jane LamprechtJersey #PositionHeightDate of BirthYearProgramHometownHigh School
K J L1GK5'9"2North Bay, ON
Highlight -

Effie TakasJersey #PositionHeightDate of BirthYearProgramHometownHigh School
WS - Effie Takas10M5'5"1995-01-143Business AdministrationToronto, ONEast York Collegiate Institute
Highlight - Models her game after Messi, her speed is her greatest strength, has been playing for eighteen years.

Farrah SheikhJersey #PositionHeightDate of BirthYearProgramHometownHigh School
WS - Farrah Sheikh11M/F5'2"1991-07-175DubaiDiyfah High School
Highlight - Models her game after Didier Drogba, wants to work in the Engineering field, she was the captain of her soccer and basketball teams in High School.

Roaa ElakabawiJersey #PositionHeightDate of BirthYearProgramHometownHigh School
Roaa Elakabawi12M5'5"1
Highlight -

Madeleine PoulinJersey #PositionHeightDate of BirthYearProgramHometownHigh School
WS - Madeleine Poulin13D/M5'6"1997-05-091Tourism and Hospitality ManagementSudburySt. Benedict Catholic School
Highlight -

Kayla Rinaldis MarzilianoJersey #PositionHeightDate of BirthYearProgramHometownHigh School
Kayla Rinaldis Marziliano14F5'6"1Montréal, QC
Highlight -

Alexandra NeishJersey #PositionHeightDate of BirthYearProgramHometownHigh School
Alexandra Neish15F5'3"1999-06-231American Sign Language and Deaf StudiesMaple, ONMaple High Secondary School
Highlight - Drawn to George Brown by the college's ASL program, Neish cites her ball control and shot as her greatest strengths.

Aaliyah IsaacJersey #PositionHeightDate of BirthYearProgramHometownHigh School
Aaliyah Isaac17M5'6"1999-08-171Pre-Health SciencesToronto, ONNotre Dame High School
Highlight - Winner of MVP awards with Unionville Soccer Club, Isaac intends upon becoming a nurse. She models her game after her dad, and cites speed and blocking and her greatest athletic strengths.

Francesca GirardoJersey #PositionHeightDate of BirthYearProgramHometownHigh School
WS - Francesca Girardo18D5'4"1995-04-114Dental TechnologyToronto, ONMichael Power High School
Highlight -

Cynthia PellegrinoJersey #PositionHeightDate of BirthYearProgramHometownHigh School
C P19M5'3"2Mississauga, ON
Highlight -

Melanie RetzJersey #PositionHeightDate of BirthYearProgramHometownHigh School
Melanie Retz2M5'3"1992-05-021Special Event ManagementEdmonton, ABEastglen High School
Highlight - An athlete of the year when attending Eastglen High School, Retz hopes to motivate the team and keep everyone positive. She lists speed as her greatest athletic strength.

Hannah Whyte-FagundesJersey #PositionHeightDate of BirthYearProgramHometownHigh School
WS - Hannah Whyte-Fagundes3M5'1"1993-08-162Construction ManagementToronto, ONSilverthorn
Highlight - Plans on making the deans list, her father inspired her to play the game, has been playing since she was ten years old.

Shannon AlburyJersey #PositionHeightDate of BirthYearProgramHometownHigh School
Shannon Albury4F5'4"1Honours Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management)Freeport, BahamasLucaya International School
Highlight - A member of the Bahamas Women's Under 17 National Soccer Team in 2013, Albury has been playing soccer for 13 years. She lists speed as her greatest athletic strength, and models her game after Tobin Heath.

Sofia LiontiJersey #PositionHeightDate of BirthYearProgramHometownHigh School
Sofia	Lionti5D/M5'6"1Woodbridge, ON
Highlight -

Hailey DugalJersey #PositionHeightDate of BirthYearProgramHometownHigh School
Hailey Dugal6M5'6"1998-02-111Office Administration - Health ServicesWindsor, ON​​​​​W.F. Herman Academy Secondary School
Highlight - MVP of her high school soccer squad in her senior year, Dugal has been playing soccer for 10 years and cites her speed as her greatest athletic strength.

Nicole McKenzieJersey #PositionHeightDate of BirthYearProgramHometownHigh School
Nicole McKenzie7D/M5'7"1992-12-151R.P.N. Bridge to B.Sc.N.Windsor, ONBelle River District High School
Highlight - McKenzie's passion for soccer was first ignited by her dad, who she also models her game after. She is aiming to become a travel nurse, and both on and off the field, is a believer that "teamwork makes the dream work."

Natalie MangosJersey #PositionHeightDate of BirthYearProgramHometownHigh School
WS - Natalie Mangos8D5'5"1994-12-054Sport and Event MarketingGoodwood, ONMarkham District High School
Highlight - Models her game after Messi, sees her greatest athletic strength as her speed and agility, has been playing for thirteen years.

Julia KassnerJersey #PositionHeightDate of BirthYearProgramHometownHigh School
WS - Julia Kassner9M5'4"1994-11-044Pre-Health SciencesOttawa, ONBlebe Collegiate
Highlight - Models her game after Marta, wants to eventually become a nurse, won an OFSAA City Championship in High School.