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    The goal of our Group Exercise Program is to provide you with professional instruction and safe, effective, well-balance and fun workouts.  We offer a variety of classes that focus on cardiovascular conditioning, strength and conditioning and mind-body awareness.  Our classes are geared towards all levels of fitness.  Remember, when participating in any exercise program always go at your own pace.  If you have any questions or need assistance with any exercise, our certified instructors are here to help you.



    This unique class is based on standing and floor exercises to strengthen and reshape the body. Hand weights and/or Dyna-Bands and other tools are utilized to enhance our class.  Resistance exercises burn calories, increase muscle strength and target specific areas that need work.  Exercises may be modified to increase or decrease intensity, allowing individuals of any fitness level to participate.


    Achieve your fitness goals with this military inspired circuit workout.  Fun and challenging drills that focus on developing strength, stamina, balance, endurance and agility.  This is a great work out!


    This class combines cardio burn with shaping and toning for an efficient overall workout.  Class format will vary week to week with an emphasis on challenging the core with a variety of approaches that are sure to keep you motivated.   Suitable for all fitness levels!


    A cycling class for all fitness levels.  A stationary bike workout set to music that simulates an actual outdoor bike ride through tension adjustments and pedaling technique, you will encounter climbing, sprinting, intervals and rolling terrain, all targeted at rising your heart rate and toning your lower body.

    This class will make you sweat!  Bring a water bottle!


    Is a Latin inspired, dance-fitness class that incorporates Latin and International music and dance movements which create a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness workout.  The class format combines fast and slow rhythms for an effective aerobic workout while toning your legs, abs, glutes and arms. Modifications and variations are given to provide more or less intensity so everyone works at their own pace. Highly energetic and fun!


    Improve the way your body looks and feels with this low impact workout. Pilates workouts focus first on developing strength through the core of the body (the back, abdomen and hips) as well as on increasing flexibility and coordination.  This class will help improve posture, increase lung capacity and build strong sculpted muscles.   Suitable for all fitness levels!


    This class is suitable for all levels, focusing on physical health and mental well-being.  The class will strengthen, tone, stretch and relax your entire body through posture alignment, breath and relaxation techniques.


    Flowing the body from one posture to the next, linking both the breath with the body, meditation in motion.  This class will increase your energy, calm your mind, strengthen your body and will leave you feeling stronger, while releasing stress and fatigue. Hatha Flow promotes whole body awareness.


    Group fitness class designed to strengthen and sculpt your entire body.  A new blend of yoga and spin in which 30 minutes of cycling precedes a flowing yoga class to optimize balance, flexibility and strength.  Open to all levels.


    Get limber, improve your balance and get stronger in this challenging Yoga class.  Equal emphasis on flexibility and strength means get ready for at least 20 minutes of core work each week!  Relaxation also included.

    For more information about Fitness Class at the St. James Campus, please contact Deanna Oliver at or 416-415-5000 ext. 2177