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Faye Oxley (pictured) seemed to capture the extramural spirit, earning a Fair Play Award as a result
Faye Oxley - 2017

George Brown extramural table tennis put its best foot forward at the Centennial Invitational, in what served as a learning experience for the Huskies student-athletes participating.

With Huskies making up a sizeable contingent at the tournament, hosted by Centennial's Ashtonbee Campus, there was an abundance of action for those donning the white and blue.

Jason Chan and Ebenezer Ennuson led the way for George Brown in singles action, and both made it to the tournament quarterfinals before bowing out. Neither had reason to hang their heads, with Ennuson falling to the eventual singles champion, Vlad Totkalo of the Seneca Sting, and Chan defeated by Totkalo's finals rival, Niagara Knight's Mitesh Idekar.

"We didn't know what to expect; this was everyone's first time here," said George Brown Table Tennis Club president Tony Murat, who described his side's performance as very good. "I think that they all played well, and now they know exactly how much more they need to improve to make it even further."

George Brown's biggest success came in doubles play. The duo of Ennuson and Charlie Lo nearly pulled off the upset of the day, pushing a strong Niagara team right to the edge in dramatic fashion, before taking home doubles bronze against fellow Huskies Alan King Yan Chiu and the aforementioned Chan.

"I just think both of us have really good chemistry, and we play really well as a team; we worked together," Lo said after the tournament, also commending the talent and work ethic of this year's George Brown squad.

The tourney was an intimate affair, with teammates and rivals chatting with each other and taking in matches together on the sidelines. While there were certainly competitive moments, the day ended with smiles, camaraderie and good humour all the same.

For George Brown's squad, it was an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between them and give positive feedback while facing unfamiliar opponents.

"They were all in a really team environment, coaching each other and helping each other out, trying to assist each other in the game," remarked Huskies athlete Faye Oxley, who seemed to best capture the extramural spirit and earned the tournament's Fair Play Award as a result.

"I'm happy I got (the award) because it's about enjoying yourself and having fun," Oxley said. "I take the tournaments seriously, but not to the point where I'm not enjoying myself. I kind of just reset myself and try to enjoy the game as much as possible."