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Mission and Values

  • Working closely with departments within the College and outside stakeholders, the Assessment Centre provides accurate, fair and standardized evaluations of the academic skill level of applicants and students, recognizing the individual needs of students with disabilities and providing them with accommodations during tests and examinations.


    The Assessment Centre:

    • Is a recognized leader in the field of academic skills assessment in Ontario and functions with the highest level of integrity, neutrality and expertise;

    • Provides accommodations to students with disabilities thus ensuring fairness, and further provides advice, information, and support to all students based upon the most current testing research to enable them to take ownership of their learning;

    • Fosters open lines of communication between departments and faculty within George Brown and advocates for curricula design to meet the needs of the students to ensure student success and promote excellence within the college community.

    We believe in providing excellent customer services to all stakeholders by putting students first. We demonstrate our commitment by:

    • Providing accurate, flexible, accessible, caring advising services;

    • Supporting students in tandem with other divisions of the college and systems;

    • Being a trusted, valued and respected partner within the college community where we uphold professional testing standards and provide unbiased, accurate information based on solid testing research;

    • Continuously developing top quality staff through relevant and current professional development;

    • Sharing information within the college system in a collegial manner with the best interest of all stakeholders at heart.


    • The Assessment Centre will be universally recognized as an innovative, inclusive dynamic leader in assessment practices.

    The Assessment Centre will be an integral valued partner to the student learning experience from admissions to graduation and will provide:

    • One-stop all-encompassing testing;

    • Inter-college standards to facilitate timely and efficient student assessment;

    • Multi-platform supervised accessibility available at any time, using the most technologically advanced, accurate, research-based assessments that are mapped to a multi-level curriculum;

    • An early alert mechanism that identifies students with learning challenges;

    • Guidance to students and faculty in regard to remedial requirements, available supporting resources, advising and curriculum planning;

    • A testing environment which is visible and barrier free, and a service which is seamless.