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Math Assessment Preparation

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Math Assessment Preparation Guides

The Preparation Guides are reference tools for George Brown College students and applicants preparing to take placement and admission math assessments. These guides focus on foundation-level math skills.


Note: The preparation guides do not cover all topics on the assessments. The Assessment Centre at George Brown College is not responsible for students' assessment results. 


Please find the following Preparation Guides that correspond to each George Brown College math assessment:

-- ACCUPLACER Arithmetic Preparation Guide


--ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra Preparation Guide


-- Hospitality Math Assessment Preparation Guide


For more information on the assessment content and format, please click here.

Math Assessment Sample Questions




      • Accuplacer Algebra Test (pdf format) - see sample questions provided in the Accuplacer Sample Questions for Students, pages 2-4. The answer key is on pages 5-8.

      •  Free Accuplacer App - Accuplacer has created an App containing sample Arithmetic and Algebra tests.
        • To find the sample test and review test content, please create an account.
        • Make sure to select the correct math practice test. To find out which math assessment you will be taking, click here.

      Hospitality and Culinary Arts Math Placement Assessment  

      A typical general-math question could be: How much is three more than the square of 8?

      1. 11

      2. 5

      3. 67

      4. 27

      5. none of the above


      A typical course-related question might be:


      In a certain recipe that produces enough for 8 servings, 1/2 cup of sugar is required. If you were asked to expand this recipe so that it could serve 26 people, how much sugar would be required?

      1. 1 5/8 cups

      2. 6 1/2 cups

      3. 2 cups

      4. 3 1/4 cups

      5. none of the above


        Note: These resources serve as guides only. They do not represent an exact match with the test content.



      Websites for Math Skill Review

      The following on-line resources may be used to help prepare for assessments in mathematics.



      Khan Academy

      This is an excellent resource with video demonstrations on various mathematics topics in arithmetic and pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and other areas.


      S.O.S. Mathematics - Algebra

      This website covers the following topics: fractions, units of conversion, complex numbers, quadratic equations, solving equations, systems of equations, inequalities and others. Explanations are step-by-step and include examples. Some practice questions are given.


      Technical Tutoring Math Help

      This website has an extensive list of links to various mathematics topics ranging from basic math operations to calculus. Use this website to review number theory, exponents, linear equations, factoring polynomials, operations with radicals, polynomial equations, rational expressions, linear inequalities and other topics.


      The Math Page

      The Math Page covers skills in arithmetic and has a complete list of topics in algebra, including algebraic expressions, linear equations, quadratic equations, inequalities, absolute value, word problems, exponents, factoring, radicals, complex numbers and many others.


      Understanding Algebra

      This is a comprehensive on-line textbook covering topics and skills in arithmetic, pre-algebra and algebra. It also offers helpful strategies for solving word problems.



      This website has an extensive list of mathematics topics including fractions, absolute value, percents, ratio and proportion, distance formula, linear inequalities, radicals, factoring quadratics, exponents and many others.

      • Looking for more math preparation materials? 

        Visit the Tutoring and Learning Centre's math resources page for handouts and useful links!