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Canadian Language Benchmarks Placement Test (CLBPT)

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What is the CLBPT?

The CLBPT is an assessment required for admission to select college programs. For information on which programs require the CLBPT, please go to Admission Assessments by Program.

When and where do I take my assessment? How do I book it?


If you’re taking the CLBPT for college admission purposes, you will receive a letter with the admission assessment information from the Registrar’s Office. You should book your appointment immediately upon receipt of your testing letter. However, leave yourself some time to review and prepare for the assessment as the results are important to your admission process.


The CLBPT assessments are available at the St. James Campus Assessment Centre.


To book your assessment, please call the Assessment Advisor line at 416-415-5000 x4992.


If you do not reach an advisor, please leave a message with your name, student number (if applicable) and phone number stating that you would like to book a CLBPT appointment.

Booking accommodations for students registered with Accessible Learning Services

If you’re an applicant to a college program, please go see the Testing Accommodations for Applicants and New Students page.

Is there a charge for the Assessment?

Please see our Fees page.

How do I prepare?

Visit the Information About Assessments page for more information about the assessment.


Visit the Preparation and Resources page to review resources that are available for different subjects.

How will I know my results?

You will receive your results upon completion of your assessment.

What do I need to bring?

Please go to the General Preparation Checklist page for information on what to bring to your assessment.