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Admission Assessment

  • What is an Admission Assessment?

    The Admission Assessment in English, Math and/or Science is taken by mature applicants as part of the application process. The Admission Assessment measures if the applicant has the academic skills required to start the program.


    Mature applicant: a person who is 19 years of age or older on the start date of the program, and who does not have the required program credit(s) i.e., Grade 12 English.

    If you have already accepted an offer of admission from George Brown College, you may need to take a Placement Assessment.

    When and Where do I take my Assessment?




    You will receive a letter with the admission assessment information from the Registrar’s Office. You should book your appointment immediately upon receipt of your testing letter.

    NOTE: Leave yourself some time to review and prepare for the assessment as the results are important to your admission process.

    Most Admission Assessments will take place at the St. James Campus Assessment Centre.

    How do I Book my Assessment?




    Booking Online


    Domestic Students can book an appointment via their STU VIEW account.




    To access your STU VIEW account, click on the above link and enter your 9-digit student ID number and password. This information should be on the letter that you received from George Brown College. If you do not have an ID number or password, you can call the Contact Centre at 416-415-2000.




    Booking by Phone

    Call the Contact Centre at 416-415-2000. Have your 9-digit student ID number ready.


    PLEASE NOTE: If you have not registered with George Brown College Accessible Learning Services and you think you might require test accommodations, please see our Testing Accommodations for Applicants and New Students page.




    Is there a Charge for the Assessment?

    Please see our Fees page




    What do I need to bring to my Assessment?




    For information on what to bring and what to expect, please see our General Preparation Checklist page.




    What Assessments will I take and how will I prepare?




    Please see our Admission Assessments by Program page to see which assessments may be required for the program you are interested in.




    For preparation materials, please see our Preparation and Resources page.




    How will I know my results?




    You will not receive any results on the day that you take the assessment(s).



    Once you complete your assessment, your scores will be submitted to the George Brown College Admissions Office. Admissions will review your results and they will notify you if you are offered a place into the program(s) via your STU VIEW account and by email.




    Please note that your application(s) cannot proceed until you have completed all parts of your Admission Assessment.



    After an admission decision has been made, you may wish to meet with an Assessment Advisor to go over your assessment results. You can make an appointment to do so by calling the Assessment Advisor Line. Advisors cannot discuss assessment results over the phone.

    How do I take my George Brown Admission Assessment if I live far from the College?


    It may be possible to take the Admission Assessment off-site, at another institution. You will need to make arrangements with an educational institution near you, where you can take the assessment.*


    Only invigilators working in a full-time teaching, administrative, or counselling position in a recognized post-secondary institution (college or university) will be approved. That institution will administer the assessment, make sure that it is conducted under the correct conditions, and send the completed assessment to George Brown College.


    You and your chosen invigilator must complete the following form:



    Send the completed form to the GBC Assessment Centre via the GBC email address on the form. 

    How do I pay the Admission Assessment Fee if I am writing Offsite?


    By Certified Cheque or Money Order, mailed to the GBC Assessment Centre (address is on Request to Write Off-Site Form). Personal cheques are not accepted. The GBC Assessment Centre is not responsible for any proctoring fees required by the chosen institution.

    *Please note that you can only write off-site if you are located more than 200 km away, barring exceptional circumstances.