Professors with Students Requiring Accommodations

When a student in your class is registered with Accessible Learning Services and wants to write their test with accommodations in the Assessment Centre, please follow the steps below:

  1. Please give students as much notice as possible before a test, as they will need to make an appointment at the Assessment Centre at least 7 calendar days before the test date.
  2. Submit the test to the Assessment Centre as soon as possible either online, in person or through email.
  3. Pick up the completed test in person.

If you have questions, you can check out our FAQ section.

Assessment Centre Policies and Procedures

  • This Assessment Centre is only to be used by students registered with Accessible Learning Services. If a student needs to take a rescheduled test and is not registered with Accessible Learning Services, we cannot allow them to write here. Please see your Academic Department to arrange a space in these cases.
  • Professors are required to submit tests 48 hours (or sooner!) before the test date that the student will be writing in the centre.
  • Please pick up completed tests within 2 business days.
  • Students are not allowed to return completed tests to their professors.
  • For security and test integrity, the Assessment Centre does not scan and email tests to professors.

How to submit a test 

You can submit a test online, in person, or through email. Learn about the process for each below.

Submitting Online

To submit a test online, visit the Accessible Learning Services Online Module Login and follow the online test submission instructions.

Please note that the cut-off for submissions online is 24 hours before the test time. This is to ensure that the Assessment Centre gets adequate prep time for each exam. We do ask that professors submit 48 hours in advance so please submit as soon as possible.

Submitting in Person

To submit in person, please visit your campus Assessment Centre at the following locations:

St. James Campus - Building SJA, Room 275A
Casa Loma Campus - Library Learning Commons, Room C343
Waterfront Campus - Library Learning Commons, Room 532A

If you are submitting a test in person, you will need to fill out an Assessment Centre Information Form. We provide these at the Centre. You can also download a copy:

Submitting through Email 

To submit via email, please attach your test to the email and send to:

When submitting a test by email, the following information is required:

  • Date of test
  • Start time
  • Student name
  • Student ID number
  • Subject of test
  • Professor's name
  • In Class Duration of the test
  • Any extra exam materials
  • Location and/or phone number where you can be reached during the test time and after class
Useful Documents

Below are documents you may find helpful:

Submission forms when submitting your test in person:


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