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  • The Shredding Procedure (Consoles)

    Download the Shred Console Tracking Sheet form (either PDF or Word format).

    If you have documents/materials matching the record types listed on the Shred Console Tracking Sheet, place the material in the console and fill in the tracking sheet.

    Example of record types to place in console:

      • Printed email
      • Working notes or memos containing ANY business or personal information
      • Duplicates of documents
      • Printing/copying errors containing ANY business or personal information
      • Student assignments OLDER THAN 1 ACADEMIC TERM

    It is essential that the tracking sheet is filled in completely. This information is required by law in order for GBC to destroy the material. If the tracking sheet is not filled out correctly, your department will have to go through the entire console to discover what is in it, and then fill out the tracking sheet.

    Managers responsible for the consoles must be vigilant to ensure that this procedure is followed by all staff and faculty.

    At the designated pick-up date (or when the console is full), the console must be sealed, the tracking sheets and manager’s authorization sent to Archives, and the console will be emptied by Tippets Records Management staff.

    There will be a small delay while signatures are obtained, but this is impossible to avoid. Staff will simply have to keep their shredding for 1 or 2 days until the console can been emptied.