Alternative Careers Workshop

Why should you attend this information session?

Are you someone with education and experience who is thinking about a new career? Perhaps you are an internationally trained professional who finds it challenging to continue working in your previous field. The Alternative Careers Workshop is designed to assist you in matching your competencies and skills to related or new industries. This half-day workshop will guide you in classifying your skills, identifying related types of work, and researching career possibilities.

This workshop might be right for you if:

  • You have training and experience in a specific profession and are looking to make a change
  • You have skills but find it challenging to continue working in your previous field
  • You are a newcomer who is investigating different jobs in Canada
  • You want to know more about various roles and how to research the job market

What does this information session cover?

  • Understanding your transferable skills and other strengths
  • Networking and information gathering
  • Online tools for career research and job market information
  • Exploring programs in Ontario colleges

Open to: Individuals over age 19 with conversational English skills
Duration: Approximately 4 hours
Cost: Free

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