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  • What is the Analytics Hub

    Analytics is an interdisciplinary field that combines statistics, advanced analysis, business, programming and machine learning.  In the fields of accounting, management, marketing and human resources there has been significant growth in big data that has created opportunity to perform research that helps solve business challenges. Companies are increasingly data-driven, which results in a vast need for professionals who can solve business problems through the application of data-driven techniques.   In the Analytics hub of the Centre for Business students, businesses and faculty derive actionable insights and tell stories about data from both private and public sources.

    Types of Projects

    • Development of Reporting Dashboards with drill down analytical capabilities
    • Predictive Model Development
    • Marketing Research
    • Customer Segmentation Development
    • Customer Relationship Management Campaign Design and Implementation

    Deep Learning

    The Deep Learning Lab is a key element of George Brown’s Analytics Hub. A virtual platform that facilitates the storage and processing of big data and the application of advanced analytical tools to derive actionable insights from the data.

    The mission of the Deep Learning Lab is multi-faceted and aims to:

    • Provide a reliable, secure, high-performance computing environment for both students, faculty, and our industry partners to do work integrated learning projects and applied research using advanced business analysis techniques .
    • Create a multi-stakeholder environment between; Faculty, Students, Industry Partners, and Analytical Solution Providers that enable the adoption of newly emerging business analytics methodologies and analytical software tools into industries through applied research partnerships

    The Deep Learning Lab is a computing platform for big data analysis maintained by our partner at The Centre for Advanced Computing.  The lab consists of five powerful nodes and is scalable based on usage.  It has a broad range of data science software installed including, for example, Python, R, SAS Viya and the full Hadoop ecosystem (Hortonworks HDP).  The Deep Learning Lab is a perfect experimental platform for students to discover and learn big data technologies.  It is accessible 24/7 from anywhere using the Internet.

    Our students have access to state of the art data mining technologies in a high-performance environment that will support analysis of large datasets.  In addition to faculty support, our students receive software and training support from our supporting software vendor partners.

    Through a range of both ‘in class’ field-based projects and partner sponsored applied research projects, our industry partners will have an opportunity to ‘test drive’ a broad range of software solutions with the support of our faculty, students, and our software vendor partners.  Industry partners will collaborate in the DLL to develop customized analytical applications that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of both the analytical methods and software tools used to deploy them.

    In addition to providing students with practical hands-on exposure to the breadth of data mining software applications, our software solution partners will be able to develop new customer acquisition channels by introducing their software solutions through our field-based applied research initiatives.  In addition to creating a business development channel for our software solution providers, both the industry partners and the software vendors will have enhanced access to a skilled talent pool of job-ready students that can facilitate the transition of ‘proof of concept’ applications into integrated and fully scalable business solutions.