Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I not received my Alumni Card?

If you have just graduated, your Alumni Card will come in the mail, usually about three months after your graduation.  The Registrar’s Office updates us on new graduates.  This takes some time as they need to have final marks, and ensure that each student has met the criteria to graduate.  Once we have that information, we will email you to make sure we have the right mailing address.  We appreciate that many students have moved away from home to study and we may not have the right mailing address for you.  After that, we put cards as well as your Alumni Handbook in the mail. 

If you have not received your alumni card, and it is more than a few months after you graduated please email us and request one.

Where can I take more classes outside of full time studies?

The Alumni Relations Office is dedicated to your career success. There are a number of ways to advance your career – including the pursuit of continued education . Please read ahead to learn more about the opportunities available to you!

I am graduating soon, how do I find out about Convocation?

Congratulations and welcome to our newest George Brown College graduates! Click here for valuable information as you take your first steps as alumni!

How do I replace my diploma?

Credential Replacement inquiries can be submitted through Academic Records. If you require a replacement of your George Brown College credential fill out the following Credential Replacement Request Form . For all inquiries please contact

Where can I get my transcripts?

If you require a copy of your official George Brown College transcripts please visit the Transcripts page.

How do I find out more about transferring my credits to a University?

A George Brown College diploma is a passport to further education at many local, national and international postsecondary institutions. Click here for a transfer guide  that contains current transfer agreements and opportunities for George Brown College graduates and will be subject to change as new agreements and revisions occur. For complete degree information and admission procedures, please contact the postsecondary institution directly. 

How long will my e-mail account remain active?

For full-time students, one year after graduation. For other students, including Continuing Education students, one year after the last day of your last class. For more information visit the following Student Email Frequently Asked Questions.