Women Entrepreneurs

Support Options for Women Entrepreneurs

Find out everything you need to get your idea off the ground - from how to get financial support through government grants, loans, and financing; how an association called ‘Canadian Business Chicks’ and other associations can help you get noticed; to how to start your business plan and conduct market research.

For this and more go to Canada Business Network – Women Entrepreneurs   

Getting Financial Support

If you are looking for seed money to get your business off the ground, there is a site that lists various sources of loans and financing available to women across Canada. Much of the financing is location-based - for example, in Ontario, if you are interested in becoming an exporter you can access 50% of the initial costs of starting your business through Export Market Access. Take a look at this link to get a bigger picture of how you can access funds from banks, governments, and venture capital investors.

Expanding Your Business-Savviness

Need a little motivation and some guidance? Take a look at MaRS, a leader in offering an urban innovation district to educators, researchers, social scientists, entrepreneurs and business experts. MaRS offers the ‘Entrepreneur’s Toolkit’ which offers access to library resources and reports, workshops to get you started and keep you moving towards seeing your own business materialize, and a series of courses offered in partnership with U of T towards a Certificate in Entrepreneurship. Here are just a sample of the workshops coming up for women entrepreneurs this month and next: ‘Dream, Girl! Creating Space for Female Entrepreneurs’; ‘Entrepreneurship 100’; ‘Conversations: Pitching to Investors Workshop’. Learn more about what else is available to you at MaRs.

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