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As the newest George Brown College graduates prepare for Convocation and to embark on their chosen careers, we call on our Alumni to give them the gift of experience. Post a message on Facebook or Instagram, or tweet @GeorgeBrownGrad, to share the most valuable piece of career advice you got at George Brown with the next generation of grads!

Daniella Shurgold, who graduated from the Sport and Event Marketing program in 2015, is now Business Development Coordinator, Canada Central for JDRF, the leading global organization focused on type 1 diabetes research. She gets us started with her top tip for students about to enter the working world:

“The best career advice I received at George Brown was this: ‘Be authentic’. Two powerful words that have had a huge impact on my career and personal life.

Authenticity helped guide me into an industry I love and continue to grow in.  When you genuinely believe in what you do, this becomes clear to your peers and potential employers who will help you reach your goals.  

To me, being authentic is knowing what success looks like for you, and working as hard as you can to get there!”

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