Alumni Leadership Award

This award recognizes the best examples of the George Brown alumni community’s leadership qualities (including leading a team to achieve positive results; improving procedures, practices, productivity and service excellence; encouraging others to explore their potential; promoting a positive and respectful environment; serving as a visionary and inspiring role model), and serves as a vehicle to promote and celebrate the accomplishments of our recipients.

Deadline for nominations: January 31, 2020


All George Brown alumni who are within 15 years of graduation are eligible to be nominated for this award with the exception of George Brown alumni who are staff of the college.

Selection criteria

George Brown alumni nominated for this award will have demonstrated exceptional leadership characterized by qualities such as the expression and execution of high purpose and service to the college and their profession. Please note that this award is intended to recognize leadership; therefore, the criteria below is intended as a guideline only and should not deter from nominating people who may not meet all of the criteria but who have earned the respect and credibility as a “leader”.

The following criteria should be considered in preparing nominations and supporting rationale:

  • Plays a significant role in advancing the work of their profession, being a subject matter expert and consistently being called upon for that expertise. The recipient will have been published, featured in the media and/or recognized with external awards honouring their accomplishments and contributions to their field.
  • Provides professional development to emerging professionals in their field through mentoring and coaching. The recipient will have demonstrated leadership in the development of staff, mentees or other practitioners in their field.
  • Engages in leadership roles in nonprofit or charitable organizations to deliver value and give back to their community. The recipient will have enriched the lives of others in the community through generous gifts of time, talent, or treasure.

Supporting documents such as reference letters, testimonials, photos, copies or links to relevant videos and photos, media clippings other information deemed pertinent by the nominator can be emailed to