Degree Preparation (U‑Level) Course Registration (Free of Charge) – Mathematics

Preparatory Mathematics of Data Management for Degree Programs I and II

This mathematics course will prepare students for degree level studies in a variety of disciplines. Students will learn how to manage, organize and analyze data using statistical methods. The role of data in statistical studies will also be investigated. Students will solve probability problems involving a single or multiple events, solve application problems, and learn different probability distributions. In addition, students will analyze and draw conclusions from one and two-variable data by utilizing various numerical, graphical and algebraic summaries. At the mid-point and again at the end of the course, students will create, investigate and present a problem using the skills and concepts they attain throughout the course.

The registration form below is for Degree Preparation - Mathematics. Please check your communications from the Admissions Office to confirm which course you need to take.

Location: Degree Preparation courses are held at our St. James "A" building, 200 King Street East.

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Start dates: September 11, 2018

Duration: 20 weeks