Degree Preparation (U‑Level) Course Registration (Free of Charge) – English

Preparatory English for Degree Programs I and II

This course emphasizes the consolidation of the literacy and critical thinking skills necessary for success in degree-level studies. Through individual and collaborative assignments, students will analyze the mechanics of effective writing, develop their primary and secondary research skills, compose short essays, and engage critically with media texts. In addition, students will read, analyze and evaluate a variety of literary and digital texts, produce a literary research paper, create and present a media report, and develop greater clarity and confidence in their oral communication skills. With a focus on the development of transferable skills, students will be able to successfully apply their learning within the classroom and in the workplace.

The registration form below is for Degree Preparation - English . Please check your communications from the Admissions Office to confirm which course you need to take.

Location: Degree Preparation courses are held at our St. James "A" building, 200 King Street East.

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Start dates: September 10, 2018

Duration: 20 weeks