How are we achieving sustainability?

A male customer pays a Community Worker student for his groceries at the George Brown College Good Food Market, St. James Campus.

Sustainability Success Stories

All members of the George Brown College community have a role to play in helping to realize our Sustainability Plan’s goals of achieving carbon neutrality, demonstrating innovation and exercising climate stewardship. Here are a few examples of how the College is demonstrating sustainability leadership:

The Good Food Market

The Good Food Market is a non-profit fruit and vegetable run through Peerconnect in partnership with FoodShare. Through this program, the George Brown community has access to fresh produce at an affordable price.

The Chefs’ Edible Garden

Culinary Arts students and faculty volunteer their time to grow a selection of micro greens, herbs and vegetables on the 2nd floor patio at 300 Adelaide. Produce is used in The Cafe and cooking classes over the spring and summer semesters. Leftovers are donated to the weekly Good Food Market to sell.

Research and Innovation Green Projects

Research and Innovation engages industry, faculty, students, and the community-at-large through participation in educationally and economically meaningful research projects and partnerships. Many of the projects that emerge from our new research hub are facilitating applied research in “green” construction and sustainable building practices in the Canadian construction, engineering and IT sectors. Projects range from advanced prototyping to building information modelling to building automation. These projects are supported by a green research infrastructure made possible by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (Fed-Dev).

WAVE Dental Clinic Recycling

Sustainability is a concept that can be applied across all professions. The School of Dental Health is no exception recognizing that dental practices have environmental impacts which can be minimized. That’s why in the WAVE Dental Clinic at the Waterfront Campus, dental students are now implementing a comprehensive recycling program to recycle materials such as plastic cups, barrier tapes, head rest covers and masks, saliva ejectors and sterilizing paper.

Bottled Water

The College has installed “Water Hydration Stations” around all College campuses to encourage people to use refillable water bottles rather than bottled water. Our tap water doesn’t come in plastic bottles that take a thousand years to decompose, and it’s free at all George Brown College water fountains. “Rethink Your Drink”, invest in a reusable water bottle and fill it with tap water!

Fair Trade

All coffee served in George Brown College meets high sustainability criteria. In all our cafeterias and cafes, fair trade organic coffee is served by Chartwell’s, our food service provider. You can even get a Cadbury’s fair-trade chocolate bar for a “sustainable” snack! Coffee served in Tim Horton’s also meets sustainability standards as part of its “Coffee Partnership” which works with small-scale coffee farmers to increase the productivity of their farms and the quality of their beans in a sustainable way by improving economic, social and environmental factors.

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