George Brown College's Green Team

In 2005/06, a Green Team was created as part of the College Council structure. In 2006/07, in an effort to better leverage and align college-wide Green initiatives with the college's strategic plan, the Green Team became an official committee of the college Co-Chaired by the Vice President of Corporate Services, Eugene Harrigan, and the Dean of the Centre for Construction and Engineering Technologies, Nancy Sherman. 

Specific accountabilities of the Green Team include:

  • identify short-term greening initiatives to engage and educate the College community in conservation and demand management practices;
  • develop a long term strategy (Green Plan) for the greening of campus operations and facilities aimed at increasing efficiency, reducing waste, increasing diversion of waste and conserving resources;
  • ensure the alignment of College-wide Green initiatives with the College's strategic plan;
  • provide a forum to integrate sustainability themes within College curriculum related to program and course curricula;
  • provide a forum to link College curriculum related to environmental sustainability to other corporate services, and in particular related to the college plant;
  • establish and manage sub-committees to study specific environmental issues as required, to gather stakeholder input and ideas, and to build accountability and buy-in for recommended solutions and policies to address specific environmental issues.
  • carry out a campus sustainability assessment and develop a sustainability "report card" that can be updated and reviewed annually by the College;
  • identify opportunities for transforming the College's campuses into learning laboratories for demonstration of sustainable technologies, and
  • support faculty in developing curricula to prepare students with skills required to tackle the challenges of a sustainable society.

Subcommittees of the Green Team have been formed to address different areas for improvement

  • Policies and Green Procurement;
  • Paper use;
  • Food Services;
  • Sustainable Transportation;
  • Communications and Awareness; and
  • Sustainability in the Curriculum.

Reporting Structure

The Committee, through the Chairs, will make recommendations to the President and Management Committees on substantive College policy changes.


  • The Green Team will meet once every two months and at the call of the Chairs.
  • Meetings will be open to all interested parties throughout the college.
  • Those interested in making presentations to the committee will be scheduled as appropriate into the agenda.
  • Approved minutes will be kept of all meetings and posted on Insite at

Members' Responsibilities

  • In establishing policies and resolving issues, Green Team members are expected to act on behalf of the College overall.
  • Each member is expected to attend all meetings.

Members are be expected to have a mandate from their areas to participate in proposing initiatives and for being responsible to link this back to their areas as appropriate for implementation.

Green Team Members:


Name: Title: Division / Company: Email:
Mark Nesbitt Vice-President Corporate Services
Rick Huijbregts Vice-President Strategy and Innovation


Name: Title: Division / Company: Email:
Ashley Booth Professor Pre-Community Services, School of College and Work Preparation  
Joe Bogdan Manager, Campus Stores Corporate Services
Daniel Caunter Project Manager, Green Building Research and Innovation
Ronnie Cruz Community Coordinator Student Assocation
Cherry Ding Member Services Student Assocation
Michael Eliadis Simluation Centre Manager Nursing, Centre for Health Sciences
Paul Falcitelli Campus Manager, Waterfront Campus Facilities Management
Hooman Farhangnia Campus Manager, Casa Loma Campus Facilities Management
Rose Fracassa Acting Chair, Fashion Studies Fashion Studies
Courtney Hayes Student Sustainability Squad Leader Project Management
Mandy Heer Assistant to the Chair School of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Norm Javier Student Life Assistant Student Service & Campus Life: Student Orientation
Andrew Johnston Professor, Culinary Arts & Hospitality Studies Hospitality and Culinary Arts
Graeme Kondruss Manager, Academic Space & Design Planning Planning Arts, Design & Informatics
Deepak Naik Professor, Denturism Program Community Services and Health Sciences
Sandra Neill Professor & Curriculum Specialist Academic Excellence
Jennifer Hinton Residential Life Manager The George
Karla Orantes Senior Coordinator, Academic Advocacy Student Assocation
David Parker Professor Centre for Preparatory & Liberal Studies : Liberal Arts & Sciences
Judy Rupert First Aid Attendant Human Resouces, Health & Saftey  
Paul Ruppert Chief Information Officer Presidents Office
Wisam Makoul General Manager Chartwell's Food Service
Milton Safos Campus Manager, St. James Campus Facilities Management
Erica Saunders Corporate Buyer, Purchasing  Finance Department
Ashley Sullivan Manager, Student Integration and Support International and Immigrant Education
Geoff Swift Senior Manager Finance Department
Allan Thomson Operation Manager Centre for Continuous Learning
Helene Vukovich Associate Dean Business, Arts and Design
Grace Whang Project Coordinator Community Partnership Office
Joanne Williamson Training and Development Associate Staff Development
Annie Zurakowsky Assistant to the Director Marketing and Communications
Stephanie Foster GBC Green Team/Sustainability Co-ordinator Corporate Services


Admin Support

Name: Title: Division / Company: Email:
Fatima Gata Executive Assistant to the VP of Corporate Services President's Office
Baaba Lewis Adminstrative Assistant Office of Applied Research