George Brown College Green Plan

Green Plan Phase I:

In 2008 the Green Team developed the Green Plan Framework. It summarized the College’s “baseline” environmental performance across a number of key indicator areas, including energy and water consumption, waste management and recycling, food services, housekeeping, purchasing and transportation. The Green Plan Framework provided the foundation upon which the College’s Green Plan I was developed.

In 2008 George Brown College released its first Green Plan I (2007-12) which included environmental objectives, targets and measurable outcomes for reducing the College’s environmental impacts over a 3 to 5-year period. It set targets in a number of areas including facilities and operations, green purchasing, policies and practices. The Green Plan Phase I section on “Greening the curriculum” also summarized the College’s existing efforts to integrate environmental sustainability into the curriculum and set out strategies to encourage and promote new ways for the College to embed sustainability within its curricula. The over-arching goals of the College’s Green Plan are to:

  1. Promote the use of environmentally sound practices campus-wide.
  2. Engage and educate the college community in conservation and demand management practices aimed at reducing the College's overall ecological footprint.
  3. Transform the College curricula to integrate measurable sustainability-oriented learning and experience outcomes across all programs

For a summary of how well the College did in meeting its Green Plan Phase I goals, check out the Green Plan Report Card.

George Brown Green Plan Phase 2:

The updated Green Plan II (2012-17) includes revised targets for reducing the College’s environmental impacts. It also summarizes progress achieved to date, identifies areas where further work is needed to advance the College’s environmental sustainability goals, and includes some new areas of focus such as communications and engagement initiatives.

For a full copy of the Green Plan II Update Report 2013 contact Stephanie Foster, Green Team/Sustainability Coordinator at:

The Green Plan is divided into two main sections: Facilities Management, (Energy, Water, Waste, Housekeeping and Green Cleaning); and Policies and Practices (Green Purchasing, Paper, Food Services and Transportation).

For more information about the College’s Green Plan contact: Stephanie Foster, Green Team/Sustainability Coordinator:

George Brown 2014 -19 Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

  1. Energy Consumption Data
  2. Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

For more information about the College's Energy CDM Plan contact : Dilip Parmar, Facilities Management,