50 Acts of Green

Your Acts of Green breakdown: 1.25% Purchasing. 5% Cleaning. 12.5% Transportation. 13.75% Food. 27.5% Recycling. 6.25% Academics. 6.25% Clothing. 6.25% Pllants. 13.75% Energy. 2.5% Nature. 5% Waste.

Our 50 Acts of Green grand prize winners:

We've had many fantastic (and inventive) submissions. Congratulations to our grand prize winners: Millicent Dianne Geonzon (Bachelor of Commerce student) and Kasia Briegmann-Samson (Assessment Advisor) who took home generous gift certificates from the Chefs' House and the college bookstore.

The campaign's "honourable mentions" are: Ann Crissel Darroles (Game Development student) for most postings by a student, and Elena Deneva (Digital Media Specialist), for most postings by an employee.

The Green Team would like to thank all of the members of the college community who helped make this campaign a smashing success!

We wanted to share some memorable moments from the campaign right here with you.

 1: We learned fashion could be upcycled.


Winnie Leung and Berta Pavlov showed us that yesterday's Levis could become today's denim tote.

 2: We learned medical equipment could be recycled.


Michael Eliadis showed us how our Nursing Simulation Labs help reduce waste — and save money! — by recycling catheters and IVs.

3: We learned swapping is better than shopping.


Ashley booth showed us how to divert clothing and textiles from landfills... by trading our own previously loved goods for someone else's.

4: We learned our Chef's School donates meals to the food bank.


Ronnie Cruz showed us how our students are feeding fellow students need — while also reducing food waste.

5: We learned our students are embracing solar energy.


Leo Salemi showed us that students are shaping our greener future by building solar heating system prototypes.

Congrats to all who participated in this year's challenge.