Green Projects

Learn more about the projects that emerge from our new research hub, facilitating applied research in green construction and sustainable building practices in the Canadian construction, engineering and IT sectors. Projects range from advanced prototyping to building information modelling to building automation.

These projects are supported by a green research infrastructure made possible by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (Fed-Dev).

Case Studies

Garden Connections

With the help of George Brown College's Architectural Technology program, Garden Connections, a Toronto-based company, is able to show potential buyers a fully articulated 3-dimensional view of their dream garden.

Clear Blue Technologies

Clear Blue Technologies delivers smart power controllers for small point of use applications. These controllers act as the brain of energy efficient systems that run distributed power loads like outdoor lighting and security cameras. GBC collaborated with Clear Blue Technologies to develop and test 20 beta prototypes of their power controller product.

Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions

Newark and George Brown College’s Centre for Construction and Engineering Technologies partnered to test and validate a new cost-effective product for the construction industry.

The SOS Crane

A lightweight portable crane small enough to fit into a construction elevator—that’s what Christian Sos of SOS Customer Services had in mind when he approached George Brown College.

eTime Energy

What if you could help cool or heat your home with a thin, invisible coating on the windows? Local SME eTime Energy’s latest innovation promises to do just that, year-round. eTime Energy is a company focused on green energy products that provides customers with energy savings in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The MaRS Revit Project

As Canada’s largest builder of condominiums, Tridel is committed to building healthy towers that significantly reduce energy and water usage. So, to test the potential of Revit’s new Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, Tridel approached the Centre for Construction and Engineering Technologies at George Brown College.

Gate Three with EllisDon

EllisDon is among Canada’s most well respected and successful construction services companies. EllisDon partnered with George Brown College to commercialize their in-house project management system for large, mid-sized, and small companies on a variety of project scales.

Projects in Progress

Applied Research Green Innovation Lab Experience (ARGILE)

Partnering with Evergreen Brick Works and ROXUL, George Brown College is leveraging its faculty’s expertise and experience for research in building science, energy efficiency, product testing and the development of innovative environmental building solutions. The focus of the research is on retrofitting existing brick masonry buildings in a sustainable way while collaborating with industry leaders. This project has a number of subprojects designed to test new methods of retrofitting these buildings and to disseminate the findings and best methods to homeowners across the province. Project is in progress.

Cooling Mattress for Mako Invent

GBC and Mako Invent collaborated on a project to develop a prototype for their "Cooling Mattress". The mattress is intended to provide users an alternative to air conditioning / central air temperature control while sleeping, by embedding a number of fans in a mattress under a semi-permeable, breathable top layer. It is anticipated that users can achieve a higher degree of comfort while consuming less household electricity.

High-Rise Construction Safety Fence for Mako Invent

GBC and Mako Invent collaborated on another project to develop a "Pogo-Post" prototype. This prototype is designed to support safety fencing used in the construction of high-rise buildings and features built-in locking mechanisms and quick release handles for quick uninstallation. The "Pogo-Post" prototype has been handed over to Mako Invent.

Upper Canada College

The George Brown College ARGILE team is partnering with Upper Canada College to provide guidance in the design and development of the exterior below grade re-cladding retrofit system at Upper Canada College’s Norval, Ontario property. The team will look at the best practices for retrofitting the Norval building in terms of energy conservation, durability, sustainability, aesthetics, and cost.

3D Data-Design for Data Appeal

DataAppeal Inc. and George Brown College are currently collaborating on a project to collect data regarding home efficiencies based on housing types in Toronto’s Beaches neighbourhood. The collected data will be input into DataAppeal's 3D mappingsoftware to create a visually appealing map that properly demonstrates the energy efficiencies in the neighbourhood. Project is in progress.

Butterfly Energetics Inc. HeartTransverter

George Brown College and Butterfly Energetics Inc. (BEI) collaborated on a project to benchmark test their heart transverter as a power supply for new and efficient LED lighting systems. The project installed and tested the technology at George Brown College providing the partner with information needed for future projects. Discussions are in place regarding a follow up research project.

All Angle Renovations Ltd.

The George Brown College ARGILE team is partnering with All Angles Renovations Ltd. to provide guidance in the design and development of an exterior re-cladding retrofit system for a residential property located in Scarborough, Ontario. Project is in progress.

My Haven Homes Ltd.

The George Brown College ARGILE team partnered with MyHaven Homes Ltd. and provided guidance in the design and development of an exterior above grade re-cladding retrofit system. This was a part of a whole home sustainable renovation to a 1920s semi-detached home, in the Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson area of downtown Toronto. The ARGILE team is now working with the homeowners to track and monitor energy consumption in the home to have a better understanding of the impacts the re-cladding retrofit has on these buildings.

New Concrete Products Containing Recycled Glass with ADL Process Inc.

ADL Process, an electronics recycling company in Toronto, is collaborating with George Brown College to identify the opportunities and feasibility in recycling cathode ray tubes (CRTs) into a construction product (e.g. concrete). This project would research concrete formulation and how it would be impacted by the addition of recycled glass and analyze the performance of different concrete formulations containing recycled glass. Project is in progress.