For Faculty

The Office of Applied & Institutional Research is your single point of contact for all research at George Brown College. We support you and your partners from outside of the college – everything from training to ethics to progress reports. So you can focus on research.

Initiate new research

If you’re considering a research project, please complete a New Research Form then email it to It asks for the research team, including industry and institutional partners; their roles; and the focus and scope of the project. You will be contacted within five business days of our receiving the form to set up a meeting.

Identify research funding sources

See Funding to identify potential funding sources. Contact our office for support of your proposal and for additional help in locating funding. Please tell us if you’ve secured research funding already, because we can help coordinate institutional sign-off:

Develop research proposals

Once you submit a New Research Form and identify a potential funder, our office can help develop your proposal. Contact us at

Learn about the Research Ethics Review Process

We can help you submit an application that meets the requirements of the Tri-Council Policy Statement on Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans. Please see Research Ethics for further details.

Collaborate with an industry partner

The Office of Research and Innovation can help you identify potential industry partners and foster an existing partnership. Contact us to learn more:

Obtain project-management support for your research project

When we project manage, you can focus on accomplishing quality research. Our project management support includes:

  • Project planning, budgeting and initiation
  • Ongoing project management, communication with stakeholders and student research assistants
  • Storing and helping to maintain open project files (which contain the original application, descriptions of research and methodology, correspondence, ethical certificates, revised materials, comments from the public or other information and/or documents relevant to the project.)
  • Storing completed project files (for five years beyond the completion date).
  • Storing applications for ethical review, including application form, trial protocol and amendments, written informed-consent forms, subject-recruitment procedures, safety information, compensation information, researcher(s)’ current curriculum vitae.

To learn more about support for your research projects contact us at

Access professional development

The Office of Research and Innovation offers professional development workshops. They teach faculty to initiate, conduct and complete research projects on time and within budget. Topics include: Writing Funding Proposals, Research Ethics, Research Project Management, Managing Research Budgets, Engaging Students in Research, Working with Industry, Research Methodologies and Showcasing and Publishing Research. Come to our annual Research Showcase to learn about current projects at the college: Professional Development Timetable.

Publish your research on “Archive”

Archive is the Office of Research and Innovation’s repository of college research. Digital media can be uploaded, indexed and stored by assigning a stable link to each resource. Archive contains published literature, unpublished research, datasets, learning materials, conference proceedings and other materials related to research ephemera. To archive research or learn more about Archive, contact the program administrator,

Access the Researcher Portal

Manage your research funding applications and reports, and your research ethics applications via the George Brown College Researcher Portal at To request access, please email your employee ID, preferred prefix (Mr. Ms., etc), full name, department, staff type, email address, phone number and office address..
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