Key Performance Indicators

How are we doing?

Are you satisfied with services on campus? Is your program preparing you for the career you've chosen? Are you developing new skills?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measurements that tell us how well we're meeting your needs. We ask students to complete satisfaction and engagement surveys every year. This happens at all of Ontario's 24 colleges, as mandated by the provincial government.

We also ask our graduates and the employers who hire our graduates to complete surveys.

There are five annual KPI items, including the three surveys, and they include the following:

  • Student satisfaction
  • Graduate employment
  • Graduate satisfaction
  • Employer satisfaction
  • Graduation rate

The results of the graduate employment rate and the graduate satisfaction and employer satisfaction surveys are used as the basis for a portion of the funding we receive from the government.

Tell us what's working and what we can improve

We want to know how you think we can improve our facilities, services and career preparation. Your feedback can make a difference and informs our decisions on how to enhance your student experience.

Your survey answers also tell us if we're providing the training and experience employers want to see in new hires.

The results of the student satisfaction and engagement survey are confidential.

How does the survey work?

A third-party company tabulates the survey results. George Brown manages, processes and analyzes the results.

Student Satisfaction and Engagement survey

Students receive this survey in class. The surveys are handed out in February, June and November. See the video below for more information.

Graduate Satisfaction Survey

Graduates are surveyed over the phone six months and two years after graduation. (Graduates, please be sure your contact information is up to date.)

Employer Satisfaction Survey

Employers are surveyed over the phone to provide feedback on how well the college has prepared the graduate they hired. Graduates must give permission for the employer satisfaction survey.

Our results

George Brown College's performance 2018

  • Student Satisfaction KPI: 71.5%
  • Graduate Satisfaction KPI: 77.8%
  • Graduate Employment KPI: 81.9%
  • Employer Satisfaction KPI: 90.6%
  • Graduation Rate KPI: 67.7%

OSAP reports

A common methodology has been used for the calculations for all program-related information provided by all colleges. The data are updated annually.

The approved program sequence (APS) number is assigned to each approved program by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

Current OSAP information can be found at the following link:

How we're working to improve your George Brown experience

Here are some examples of changes we've made over the past few years to improve your experience:


  • Waterfront Campus expansion – We're opening an exciting new facility at the Daniels Waterfront – City of the Arts development on Queens Quay near Jarvis Street in late 2018. This 103,000-square-foot facility for our School of Design will include the Innovation Exchange, where students and businesses can collaborate to solve design challenges and bring new products to market.

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