Anti-Racism and Equity Advisory Committee

Our mandate

The Anti-Racism and Equity Advisory (AREA) Committee provides advice to the OAREHRS on anti-racism practices and processes and cultural diversity throughout the college. The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to provide a breadth of knowledge and expertise related to anti-racism and cultural diversity that will support the OAREHRS to meet its mandate, both inside and outside the classroom. The AREA Committee identifies systemic issues related to anti-racism and cultural diversity in the college community; provides feedback on the impact of college policies and programs in relation to these matters; and ensures engagement with key stakeholder communities. Feedback and recommendations from the committee will be shared with the President of the college through quarterly meetings.

About Us

The Anti-Racism and Equity Advisory Committee (AREA) was established September 2020 based on recommendation number 5 of the Review of George Brown College Truth and Reconciliation and Anti-Racism/Diversity Report of 2019 - [To] Establish a GBC-wide Anti-Racism, Equity and Diversity Council with involvement of faculty, students and staff supported by the Office and with direct reporting to the GBC Board of Governors.


  • Cindy Gouveia
  • Bhupinder Gill
  • Charlene Dunstan
  • Peta-Gaye Ebanks
  • Michael Avis
  • Kay-Ann Williams
  • Leon Johnson
  • Gail Hunter
  • Sarika Narinesingh
  • Nadia Richards
  • Judyette Lashley
  • Melissa Teles
  • Scott Channing
  • Warren Ford
  • Michelle Pettis

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The Promise of Complementary Practices: Anti-Racism Pedagogy and Universal Design For Learning

A photo of author Nadia Richards at the age of five

By: Nadia Richards
Manager, Anti-Racism Integration
AREA Committee Member
George Brown College