Tommy Douglas Institute: May 23rd, 2019

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A progressive space of dialogue for educational communities and wider communities to explore, discuss and advance ideas of critical pedagogy and educating for change in the 21st century.


featuring Keynote Speaker Maude Barlow - activist, author and National Chairperson, Council of Canadians

It’s 2019 and decades of neoliberal sacrifice of the public good for private accumulation has led to a dramatic display of wealth inequality as 26 of the world’s richest own as much as its 3.8 billion poorest. Growing numbers of the economically and socially disenfranchised withdraw into extremisms of race, religion and nationalism, while fringe groups trafficking in fear and xenophobia make their way to the centres of political debate and governance. In a world of globalized media, militarism and money, reactionary politicians campaign on promises of stronger borders; borders that are powerless against almost everything, except humanity - keeping the poor and desperate out, while shuttering empathy and compassion within. And where truth is no longer a matter of evidence but of convenience, a climate-change denying superpower and its allies continue the lie that we must choose between jobs and the environment, even as our polluting economies usher in the geologic era of the human-caused Athropocene and the Sixth Age of Mass Extinction.

However, where rage at widening poverty and deepening insecurity is justified, the diversion of this rage toward socially and environmentally destructive agendas, by a regressive populism, is not.

This is also a time of activism, intelligence, care and hope.

From schools to halls of government, from airports to city streets and from the real world to the virtual, we are seeing powerful resistance to the politics of fear and division. In every corner of the world, communities large and small are mobilizing…

  • to build people-centred, life-affirming economies that wage war against POVERTY, rather than against the poor;
  • to grow a progressive POPULISM fuelled by shared stakes, solidarity and social justice for the common good; and
  • to connect the rights and dignity of all peoples to the rights and dignity of our PLANET.

Through a day of compelling presentations and performances, interactive exhibits and roundtable discussions, the 7th annual Tommy Douglas Institute invites educational communities, wider communities and the public to join us in exploring a true vision of ECONOMIC JUSTICE that sustains our shared humanity and our shared Earth.
or call: 416-415-5000 ext. 2555 (voice-mail)

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