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24-Hour Access to Study and Computing Facilities at St. James LLC, Lower Level, Oct. 9 - 20

We are pleased to announce that 24-hour student access to limited study and computing facilities will be available at St. James campus during the period of Tues. Oct. 9 (starting at 7:30am) - Sat. Oct. 13 (ending at 6pm), and Mon. Oct. 15 (starting at 7:30am) - Sat. Oct. 20 (ending at 6pm).

Active students [regardless of campus] with a valid, college-issued Photo-ID card will have 24-hour access at St. James Campus, using the West Lobby for entry/exiting, the Lower Level Learning Commons for computer and group project room access, the cafeteria space for individual / group study and soft seating, and vending machines / microwaves for snacks. For specific dates and hours of operation, please check here.

Students will need to sign-in and out during the overnight period so as to ensure that Security will know who is in the building for safety and security reasons. Since access is limited to areas delineated by “Do Not Enter” tape, students will not have access to their lockers.

It should be noted as well, that access to the Lower LLC is on an “as is” basis. LLC services and user support will cease following the normal extended hour schedule. The facilities kept open will be supervised only by Security Officers who will not be providing user-support. Any user-support needs will be deferred until normal LLC opening at 7:30 a.m. the following day.

The 24-Hour Access Policy and FAQ can be found on the library website, under Policies and Guidelines.

Please see the map below for areas that will be open for 24-hour access.

24 Hour Access Map