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Casa Loma Directions

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    Finding the Casa Loma Tutoring and Learning Centre has never been easier! Follow one of the below ways and visit us today!


    1. Follow one of our video maps for the best ways to find the Casa Loma TLC


    3. Look for the green Circle of Student Success feet around campus. Follow these feet to find a host of services from the TLC, to the PAL Centre, to the SLC. We're all located on the 3rd floor of the D building. Make the most of your time at George Brown and make use of the support available to you. Find one and you will find as all!

    5. Use the maps available from the main George Brown College web site. To easily find the TLC, click on the map for the "D" building (just to the left of the main Casa Loma overview map. Find D building, get to the 3rd floor, and you'll find the TLC!