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The office of Learning and Employee Development supports career-long learning to achieve employee excellence in teaching, learning, leadership, and service delivery.

We contribute to the education of our students by fostering staff commitment to ongoing professional development across the college community. Aligned with the strategic imperatives of the college and Human Resources, we contribute to a positive learning and working culture. We support the development and refinement of knowledge and skills through workshops, consultations, and other customized learning to build organizational capacity.

Tuition Assistance Program

George Brown College encourages the upgrading of its employees through its professional development and training practices. The Tuition Assistance Program is specifically intended to encourage and assist our staff to obtain further educational qualifications. Progressive professional development and training practices support, reflect, and are aligned with the College’s Mission, Values, and Strategic Plans.


Performance Review

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    A performance review is an assessment of how well you are performing in your position, and is a formal way of acknowledging your contribution. It identifies and defines job strengths and problems, individual potential and areas requiring training and development. This is a valuable opportunity to meet and discuss openly, and honestly the individual’s present performance, it involves discussing the major areas of the job and how much importance to attach to various aspects of the person’s job. The review will also target job-oriented objectives and goals for the coming period and the individual may wish to include program targets related to their own promotional aspirations. The check points selected in the Review are merely appropriate points at which progress can be evaluated, analyzed and future targets be set. This then acts as a self-correcting program setting challenging but attainable goals, recognizing training needs and highlighting successes.
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    The Development and Performance Review provides both supervisor and employee the opportunity for a comprehensive discussion of the overall development and performance of the employee and to recognize the importance of the individual’s contribution to the College in the context of the College’s mission and strategic objectives. The Development and Performance Review Form is designed to be used in conjunction with the Position Description Form for the position.
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    Faculty whose performance, as evaluated in the annual or tri-annual performance review process, indicates serious problems shall be alerted and given guidance and assistance in improving their performance throughout the following academic year. All necessary support will be given to encourage satisfactory progress in remedying difficulties or shortcomings in performance. If satisfactory progress is not achieved, an extension or alternative procedures may be recommended. All proceedings are strictly confidential.

Performance Development

Faculty Development

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