Student Email

Dear Student,

Need an easy way to reach your teachers and classmates? Want to receive important George Brown College information in a safe place, separate from your personal information? Looking for a secure, stable and professional way to submit your assignments online?

Now every full-time George Brown student will receive their own college e-mail account, available anywhere using a web browser. Your new George Brown College account is the best way to:

  • Ask your teachers questions
  • Exchange study notes with a classmate
  • Submit assignments
  • Easily access important college information
  • Find out about class cancellations or schedule changes
  • Keep track of important deadlines and key dates, like exams and intersession week
  • Receive information from the college on tuition, program status and transcripts

Your account - offering 100MB storage capacity for full-time students - will also give you access to Microsoft Exchange calendar functions. The calendar will allow coordination with your instructors and key college contacts regarding office hours, advising sessions, consultations and other important dates. You’ll also be able to easily send group emails to other students by program or course.

In fact, using your George Brown email account is a great warm-up for the system you’re likely to use when you leave the college to enter the workforce, since the vast majority of organizations use Microsoft Exchange to help their employees communicate and stay organized. And it’s the system that George Brown faculty and staff are already using.

You’ve already been provided with an e-mail address that consists of your first initial and last name, and if necessary, a number. For example, John Doe’s e-mail address would be and a second John Doe would be This address will remain active through your time at George Brown and for one year following completion of your program.

You can access your new account by going to (don’t forget the ‘s’ after http – it ensures you are entering a secure site). To log in, enter your Student ID number as your User Name, and the password you received with your registration package.

Once you’re in your inbox, you can discover your new personal email address by clicking on Options, near top right-hand corner of screen. Then click on About, on the left-hand Options bar. The first item displayed: Mailbox owner, contains your e-mail address.

Remember -  it’s important that you do this as soon as possible, because your teachers will be expecting you to use this address when you submit assignments throughout the semester.

If you don’t want to receive your personal and school emails in separate places, it is possible to have your George Brown email forwarded to your personal account (Hotmail, Live, Gmail, Yahoo etc.) or you might prefer to have your personal email forwarded to your George Brown account   Forwarding is a convenient way to receive all your email in one place, but please note that if you forward your George Brown College email to your personal account there is a risk of e-mails being lost or blocked by spam filters in the process of forwarding. Should any such problems occur, students will not be exempt of their responsibilities to the College.

Welcome to the Winter semester and we hope you enjoy using your new email account.


Dianne Tessier