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School of Design

The School of Design at George Brown College is located in the heart of Canada's largest concentration of design businesses and in one of North America's four top centres for design. The City of Toronto's economic development division has identified design and innovation as being one of the key drivers in the city's evolution towards a knowledge economy.

The School of Design reflects this context by developing programs and projects that foster excellence in design thinking, design culture and design business.

Built on a system of areas of specialization, the new curriculum at the School of Design offers an opportunity for students to gear their personal portfolio to the design career of their choice. Our newly renovated facilities and new computer labs include the latest hardware and software and are complemented by our new RealtimeStudio exhibit space in the Distillery District. Designed to focus imagination and hone critical thinking, our programs assist students in applying the latest technologies for a career in design. Our unique educational approach combines academic programs with authentic-task projects to create a community of learning that includes knowledgeable faculty, international lecturers, Alumni stories, industry partners, and designers-in-residence.

We build skills, refine talent, and expose students to the world of professional design practice.

At the George Brown College School of Design, you’ll not only learn design – you will live and breathe it. Your design education takes place in a brand new, state-of-the-art learning space in downtown Toronto – home to Canada’s greatest concentration of design businesses. Here you’ll be immersed in the design community, and expected to apply your natural skills to actual design projects. You’ll be more than ready to step into this competitive workforce with career options that include:

  • Design and strategic consulting
  • Design manager
  • Design entrepreneur
  • Graphic designer
  • Web designer
  • Production artist
  • Advertising copywriter
  • Marketing coordinator

The programs at the School of Design will help you focus your imagination and perfect your talent for a successful career in design.

A message to you from the Dean of the School of Design

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Video Transcript
I started Spoke with a partner, and we met each other at another ad agency where he was the account director, and I was the creative director, and we just kind of wanted more and more to approach things  in a little different way. And, we're lucky enough to have a lot of people around us that believe in the work that they're doing, and believe in the brands they're working for. My name's Kai Exos, and I studied at George Brown, Design Management in 2005. So I knew I wanted to study Design Management. So I looked at a couple of different programs. What I could see with the George Brown program was that it was more in-depth, and that they had precedent. They were the first school to have Design Management as a program. When I had my interview, my portfolio review, it was with Judith Gregory, and she is a professor there. And she was really focused on what I wanted to do, and, I mean, in that interview, it was, it was about the trajectory. And also, I think she understood where I wanted to be, and how I wanted the program to work for me. That's when I realized that it was the best option. Within a week of graduating, I was where I wanted to be. I was Senior Art Director. The professors at George Brown definitely had an impact. In my case, they were mostly ad professionals, but, you know, people in the design world. And, to actually have profs that knew what they were doing, and had been there, was really valuable. You know, it's hard not to be inspired by how much they've done, and, and, kind of want the same. The brighter spots during my time at George Brown were the mentorship opportunities. So we would get to go and do these sort of studio tours. And to kind of go there and see how other people worked, and see how they interacted with their teams, I think, was really helpful. The New School of Design, they sort of space-planned in a, in an interesting way where there's a lot of, sort of conversation pits. Like, there's soft areas that the students can talk and work together. And that everything is kind of modular and feels easy. Like, it feels like you can work there. So I've gotten to hire a couple of kids from George Brown, and one of them is actually my Senior Creative throughout the agency. That worked for me. You know, in finding people that I could trust and that I could work with. For someone to be prepared, you have to be a generalist and be able to understand a lot of different frames of mind. And, you know, George Brown prepares you for that, being able to, to understand that, and know that, that you'll, you'll make it, and get through. I think it was really valuable.
  • Keli Schmidt

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