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School of Hospitality & Tourism Management

School of Hospitality & Tourism Management



Degree and Postgraduate Programs

With an education in hospitality from George Brown you'll have a wide range of opportunities ahead of you.  George Brown College acts as the bridge to connect students to industry, and exposure to premier restaurants, hotels and event planners.

One of the best ways to learn a job is by actually doing it, so we offer field education placements in most of our programs to ensure you get real experience and are workplace ready. The relationships we've established with leading industry partners provide students with local, international and work study abroad learning opportunities.

Attend our Open House!

Visit George Brown College by signing up for one of our Open House Discovery Days. You’ll learn all about our programs and how to secure financial aid. Open House Discovery Days take place at 300 Adelaide St. East. Space is limited!

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Video Transcript
[start][music] ELIZABETH CROW: My name's Elizabeth Crowe and I am in the Bachelor of Applied Hospitality Operations Management program.LEONARD HAMP: Hi, my name is Leonard Hamp. I'm taking Hotel Management here at George Brown College.ROSA: Hi, my name is Rosa. I'm in the Food and Beverage diploma program at George Brown College. ELIZABETH CROW: It's definitely been a great experience for me. It's a well recognized college and the experience that you get, the knowledge, is just, it'll blow you away.TRACEY McATEER: The senior people that I work with are really impressed with the knowledge that I had of the hospitality industry as a whole. So for example, I started my career in the hotel in the Rooms Department. I was able to move into management easier because I had a vast knowledge of HR and accounting, finance, economics. JOANNE GELLATLY: Our school is different. We have an applied program, so what that means is our degree actually reaches out to industry and we study the different trends that are happening through the whole scope of Hospitality and Tourism Management, and we take our students out into the marketplace. And we have guest speakers that are in, and we have interactive classroom teaching.BRIAN FLOODY: In the Hospitality Management School, which is where I teach, in the labs usually, we have a wine lab, we have a simulated dining room lab, we have the bar lab. We are extremely lucky at George Brown because simply, with our geography, we're right down amongst the best hotels and the best restaurants and our kids are going to the Mark McEwans and the Jamie Kennedys and Susur Lees and working their externship with them, which gives us a wonderful, a wonderful door into the highest end of those kind of, those kind of hospitality operations. ADRIAN CARVELLO: We want to have them taste and experience foods and wines and beverages in class so that later on that week or even that night they might be utilizing that, that information instantaneously.BLAIRE MELVIN: We believe that the George Brown Hospitality and Tourism is a great program because it teaches the students the fundamentals of what we're expecting at resorts like ourselves. MOIRA COCKBURN: We work with industry partners to help them commercialize their products and involve students in the process. We have a wide range of students that come to the program with different backgrounds. They're focused on, they want to know more about healthy cooking and the nutritional aspects, so they're very, they're very interested in learning more about the science behind it and how different things interact. PAUL ARAUJO: We try to expose them to the different sectors of the event industry and to expose them to meetings and conferences on the corporate association side, expose them to fundraising events and then the final event is a fundraiser for a student scholarship and the charity of their choice. Hopefully on graduation, they've got a pretty good grasp of what's waiting for them out there. DONNALU MacDONALD: There's 43,000 rooms in the City of, in the GTA, so those are, that's where our students get to play. They go out and work in any one of those hotels.TRACEY McATEER: It's hands on. For myself, personally, I need a hands-on program to learn and this is what the school was able to provide me. And also, the people at George Brown College, it's a great community to be involved in. [music][end]  

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