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    The Adaptive Technology Lab provides resources to improve access to George Brown College students with a disability. The Adaptive Technology Labs are located in each campus library:



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    The Library Learning Commons’ open access computers are reserved for independent learning, academic research, projects and assignments by currently registered students.


    • All computers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • All computers are password protected. Students must sign on using their George Brown student number and password.
    • Library Learning Commons staff can assist with printing, locating, and accessing applications, tutorials and on-line help, but do not tutor or teach software applications.
    • Academic assignments and projects take precedence over games and recreational activities. Regardless, no computer gaming activity is permitted from 10 am to 4:00 pm Mondays ~ Fridays.


    Users are responsible for the following:


    • Complying with the Student Acceptable Use of Technology Policy.
    • Complying with all Library Learning Commons policies as set out in the George Brown College Academic Policies and Guidelines.
    • Following copyright and other laws including understanding and complying with software and licenses governing access to software and online resources.
    • Saving work frequently and making back up files on their own portable drive. It is not advisable to save work files on the computer’s hard drive.
    • Previewing each document before printing. The Library Learning Commons will not refund credits for any misprinting caused by human error.
    • Being watchful of all personal items and not leaving personal items unattended anytime. Please note that George Brown College is not responsible for stolen, lost or misplaced items left unattended in the LLC.
    • Logging out from the computer when finished using it.


    The following activities are not allowed:


    • Any computer gaming activity from 10 am to 4:00 pm Mondays ~ Fridays under any circumstance
    • Installation of personal software
    • Interference with the setup, configuration or software of any computer.
    • Disconnecting any cable attached to the computer.


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    Each library has a network of computers available to you for academic research, including the use of online and CD-ROM databases, web-based resources, and the internet.


    • 341 King St. Library Learning Commons:

      • 29 Open Access Computers, inside library (1 PC and 28 iMac)
      • 6 Open Access Computers, outside library (iMac)
      • 2 Computer Kiosks, inside library
      • 1 Computer Kiosk, outside library
      • 1 Scanner (PC)
      • 33 Laptops (PC)
      • 2 MacBook Pros
      • 30 iPads
    • Casa Loma Library Learning Commons:

      • 252 Open Access Computers (233 PC and 19 iMac)
      • 8 Computer Kiosks
      • 4 Scanners (PC)
      • 50 Laptops (PC)
      • 10 MacBook Pros
      • 60 iPads
    • CHCA e-Library:

      • 45 Open Access Computers (43 PC and 2 iMac)
      • 7 Computer Kiosks
      • 2 Scanners (PC)
      • 5 Laptops (PC)
    • Ryerson Academic Resource Centre (SHE Room 677):

      • 24 Open Access Computers (PC)
      • 1 Scanner (PC)
      • 6 Laptops (PC)
      • 24 Netbooks
      • 2 MacBook Pros
      • 20 iPads
    • St. James Library Learning Commons Upper Level: 

      • 243 Open Access Computers (228 PC and 15 iMac)
      • 10 Computer Kiosks
      • 4 Scanners (PC)
      • 55 Laptops (PC)
      • 10 MacBook Pros
      • 60 iPads
    • St. James Library Learning Commons Lower Level (Room B137): 
      • 131 Open Access Computers (80 PC and 51 iMac)
      • 8 Computer Kiosks
      • 3 Scanners (PC)
    • Waterfront Library Learning Commons 6th Floor: 
      • 57 Open Access Computers (48 PC and 9 iMac)
      • 10 Computer Kiosks
      • 2 Scanners (PC)
      • 30 Laptops (PC)
      • 10 Macbook Pros
      • 60 iPads
    • Waterfront Library Learning Commons 5th Floor: 
      • 48 Open Access Laptops (PC) in the Instruction Room *These are Open Access when instruction room is not in use.
      • 42 Open Access Computers (PC) in the bookable Silent Computer Lab *These are Open Access when BlackBoard testing is not taking place.

    You have the option of downloading material to your own portable drive, e-mailing material to yourself, or printing.

    The Casa Loma library has a silent computer room. Any noise that may be disruptive to others is not permitted.

    Each campus has hardware and software specific to the classes taught at each campus location.


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    George Brown College students can now borrow a number of different A/V items at each of our LLC locations.

    The following items are available for a 8 hour loan from our St. James, Casa Loma, CHCA, Ryerson, 341 King LLC's: 


    Digital Cameras 

    Voice Recorders 

    Presentation Pointers 


    Portable DVD players 


    iPads - 7 day loan

    Wireless Mac keyboard

    Wireless Mac mice

    Mini tripods

    Various adaptor cables for your phone and other wireless devices


    Please read the terms and conditions for borrowing Laptop Computer and AV Equipment at the LLC.

    You will be asked to fill out the Laptop iPad and AV Equipment Agreement Form before borrowing any equipment. 

    Just bring your student card and ask at the Circulation/Helpdesk of your library about borrowing one of these items.

    *A/V equipment is available for loan for current GBC students only.

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    Black and white copiers are available in all of our locations for you to use. The machines print double-sided copies by default. Colour copying is available at Casa Loma, St. James and CHCA e-Library.


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    The Library Learning Commons provides printers for use with computers. We provide access to: laser printers (black & white print), and colour laser printers. 

    Specialized printing such as plotters is available at Casa Loma Library Learning Commons.

    Wireless printing from your laptop is also available. Please ask Help Desk staff for further information.


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    George Brown College student photo ID or library cards, are used as print/copier cards. Money may be added to your Student Photo ID or library card at the Help desk, or through the Cash-to-card stations. 

    Cash-to-card stations (located in each LLC) allow you to add money to your card. Please be advised that all money added to your student card is non-refundable.

    Students may also pay cash for print jobs at the Help desk. Coin-operated and Student Photo ID card-operated photocopiers are available at all of our locations. Please see the section on Student Photo ID Card for more information on obtaining your Photo ID.

    Please see our video tutorials for more information:

    GBC Student Card: Putting Money on your Student Card GBC Student Card: Putting Money on your Student Card

    GBC Student Card: Printing With Student ID Card GBC Student Card: Printing With Student ID Card

    • Photocopying & Printing Prices:


        • If using student or library card: 4¢ per page or 8¢ double-sided
        • If using cash: 10¢ per page or 20¢ double-sided 
      • COLOUR

        • If using student or library card: 30¢ per page or 60¢ double-sided 
        • If using cash: 35¢ per page or 70¢ double-sided

        • Additional charge of 5¢ per page, regardless of whether you are using your student card, library card, or cash.
      • PLOTTING

        • If using student or library card: $2.00 per page for black and white or $7.00 per page for colour
        • If using cash: $2.50 per page for black and white or $8.00 per page for colour


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    All libraries provide individual study carrels and group study tables. These are available on a first come first serve basis. Casa Loma, St. James, and Waterfront LLCs all have silent study areas. Any noise that may be disruptive to others is not permitted.


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    George Brown College provides wireless internet access in various areas of each campus including the libraries. Please see Wireless @ GBC for further information about configuring your PC or Macintosh computer. Assistance with wireless access is also available from the Library Learning Commons Help Desk staff.


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    Eduroam provides George Brown staff and students with free wireless access at participating educational institutions, e.g. Ryerson University.

    Using Eduroam, a George Brown student on the campus of Ryerson can use Ryerson’s internet network.

    For more information on how to connect to Eduroam, go to:  


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