Student Services

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  • Here are a few of the many services that The International Centre offers our students.

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    Your Student Photo ID card identifies you as a student at George Brown College, giving you access to many of our services and facilities. You should carry your Student Photo ID card with you at all times. For information on how to apply visit the Getting Started page.

    To get your student card you must:

    • Be a registered “Active” student and have no “Holds” on your GBC account.
    • If you qualify, go to the closest George Brown College Photo ID Centre. You can avoid line-ups by taking advantage of George Brown College’s Online Student Photo Submission process. Please see a list of Photo ID Centre locations.
    • Your Student ID card is also a Library Borrower Card and a Print/Copy-card used for photocopying and printing in the campus Library Learning Commons.  To have your card activated as your Borrower Card, simply take it to the Library Learning Common Help Desk.

    During the busy fall term the College arranges special photo-id sessions. See dates and times.

    Proof of Enrolment Letters

    A proof of enrolment, or certification, letter provides proof that you are a registered George Brown student. A proof of enrolment letter is required for a variety of application processes. Requesting a proof of enrolment letter is simple:

    • Complete your request by visiting
    • Your proof of enrolment letter will be emailed to you within two business days of the International Centre receiving your request form. If you apply prior to the withdrawal deadline, your proof of enrolment letter will be issued to you only after the withdrawal deadline has passed.
    • Please note that the International Centre is only able to release letters for students who have no holds (i.e. financial or academic) and who have submitted a copy of their valid study permit to the International Centre.

    Transcript Request

    George Brown can provide students with official academic transcripts for applications, official documentation or other purposes. Transcript requests must be submitted in writing. Please find more information about requesting a transcript on the George Brown transcript webpage.

    International Student Health Insurance Plan YoutubeAccordionIcon

    Health insurance for international students is managed by the George Brown College Student Association. You can find more information about the International Health Insurance Plan

    For more information on other services and events offered by the Student Association, visit the Student Association website.

    Improving Your English and Getting Academic Assistance

    There are a number of ways to improve your English and/or get help with your studies:

    • Simply getting out and being involved, joining a club, a sports team, and attending events can be a great way to improve your English and make friends. Check the Campus Life webpage to get involved.
    • The Tutoring and Learning Centre (TLC) offers free tutoring services in English, ESL and math.
    • Peer Assisted Learning offers a collaborative environment for individual, group or team learning.
    • Attend the GBC Language Café to meet other students from around the Casa Loma campus and practice your English in a social way.


    Many students occasionally face difficult challenges, either in school or in their personal lives. George Brown College’s professional counsellors are able to provide free, confidential help for both academic and non-academic issues.

    To book an appointment with a counsellor drop by one of the counselling offices or email

    Career Centre

    The Career Centre offers a variety of services designed to help you achieve your career goals. These include workshops, an online job board and individual consultations with an advisor. You can learn more about these services on the Career Centre webpage.

    Athletics YoutubeAccordionIcon

    George Brown Athletics offers fitness centres, fitness classes as well as George Brown College intramural sports teams.