Program Comparison Help

Decision-making made easy! This tool gives you a breakdown of individual programs offered at George Brown College and how they differ from other programs you’re interested in. Use this tool to select up to 10 programs to compare, helping you make the right choice for the career you want.

1. Under Program Comparison, click Add a New Program

2. Search for one of the programs you’re interested in (either alphabetically, by interest or by job)

3. Click on the title of the program in the menu

4. Click Add to Comparison

5. Continue searching for programs using steps 2-4

6. When you’re done, clicking Program Comparison will give you a preview of the programs and the option to delete, add or clear all

7. Open Program Compare for more details and an easy-to-read comparison of the programs you’ve selected


Learning Environment



WAVE (Wellness, Applied Research and Visionary Education) is a group of clinics where students provide health and wellness services to the public, under the supervision of faculty. As a student at the state-of-the-art Daphne Cockwell Centre for Health Sciences at the Waterfront Campus, you have access to technology and environments you will encounter in the workplace giving you highly sought-after skills and preparing you for a career in the health care industry.

To book a service or find out more, visit WAVE. Student rates apply to most services.

School of Dental Health

In addition to classroom instruction, students at the School of Dental Health work in the George Brown College dental clinic. The school provides a unique opportunity to work alongside practicing dental professionals; students provide direct client care while learning. There are also field placements at clinics and dental offices throughout the Greater Toronto Area, giving students hands-on experience in providing dental services to real patients.

School of Health and Wellness 

The learning environments associated with the School of Health and Wellness are as diverse as the program choices and offer hands-on learning in real world work settings. For example, students studying orthotics and prosthetics work in a specialized lab environment based out of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Fitness and lifestyle students get the opportunity to work in fitness centres, interacting with clients, teaching classes and conducting assessments. Students in the hearing instruments specialist program conduct hearing assessments in real clinical environments.

School of Health Services Management

Within any modern health services environment, information is critical. Students at the School of Health Services Management have field placements in clinical settings including private practices, hospitals, and agencies. They work with health information specialists on real client records (both electronic and paper), applying their academic learning about privacy and medical terminology in a practical, clinical setting.

Sally Horsfall Eaton School of Nursing 

For practicing nursing professionals, we offer online delivery of specialized programs focusing on targeted skill development. For students training to get into the profession, simulated work environments support classroom learning. Our practice centre offers a high tech environment that simulates a hospital setting including a critical care unit and operating room, as well as a replicated home setting. Within a simulated environment, students can practice in a safe and controlled setting and prepare for field placements in hospitals, family practices and industry (insurance) as well as at event venues.