Digital Design - Game Design Program (Postgraduate) (G405)

Digital Design – Game Design
School of Design
St. James Campus
1 year (3 semesters)
Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Video games are becoming one of the leading forms of artistic expression in the 21st century. Game development requires a combination of talents, hard work and passion. The Digital Design – Game Design one-year graduate certificate is a rigorous program of study that focuses on the principles and techniques of video game art creation required to break into the industry.

Full Program Descriptions


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Students will develop their production and design abilities in management scenarios by learning design documentation, milestone and pipeline scheduling, game design theory and psychology. Taught by faculty with industry experience and mentored by local game industry leaders, students will develop games for commercial, educational and other purposes.

Students will have the unique opportunity to develop commercial quality games in a simulated video game studio environment, at times working with industry partners, game artists and programmers.

It is anticipated that graduates of the Digital Design - Game Design program will find employment in the game industry. Prior to graduation, each student will have assembled a portfolio/demo of their creative work demonstrating their ability in game design and highlighting their chosen area of specialization.

Watch our video for more information on the Game Design program.


Your Field Study Options 

Students with approved portfolios are eligible for non-mandatory external field placements in Semester 3. 

Program Standards and Learning Outcomes  

Each George Brown College certificate, diploma, advanced diploma and graduate certificate program is expected to deliver specific program learning outcomes. Program learning outcomes are statements that describe the knowledge and skills that students are expected to demonstrate by the end of their program of study. Programs are designed to deliver both vocation or discipline-specific learning outcomes and more generic essential employability skills (including communication, numeracy, critical thinking and problem solving, information management, interpersonal and personal skills).

In addition to the aforementioned learning outcome requirements, College programs are required to provide students with exposure to a breadth of learning beyond their vocational field, to increase their awareness of the society and culture in which they live and work. This breadth requirement is addressed through additional mandatory General Education courses in the program curriculum.

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Course Outline

Required Courses 


semester courses
Code Course Name
DESN1101 Game Design Theory I
DESN1140 Game Storytelling
DESN1141 Game Psychology I
DESN1143 Advanced Level Design I
DESN1145 Game Management I
DESN1147 Design Documentation
DESN1122 Game Production Thesis I


semester courses
Code Course Name
DESN1111 Game Design Theory II
DESN1149 Character Development
DESN1142 Game Psychology II
DESN1144 Advanced Level Design II
DESN1146 Game Management II
DESN1148 Game Business
DESN1123 Game Production Thesis II


semester courses
Code Course Name
DESN1072 Game Experiential Project
DESN1088 Studio Entrepreneurship

Detailed course outlines

General Education Electives

Careers and Post-Graduate Study Opportunities

Educational / Degree Pathway 

G405 Game Design Program Educational Path Diagram

Your Career 

Graduates may go on to careers managing design in the game and digital media sector or in their own business. Graduates of this program will have acquired the necessary skills to be employed as:

  • Game Designers
  • Creative Directors
  • Level Designers
  • Producers
  • Project Managers

“George Brown’s involvement in our project has been invaluable. We have an office because of them. They’ve helped us out with computers. They’ve given us a huge leg up. There’s a major benefit to being here.”

Dave Proctor, Producer and Audio Director, 13 AM Games (Digital Design – Game Design Program, Graduate 2015)

Tuition and Fees



Additional Cost 

* Amounts listed are the total of tuition, materials, student service and ancillary fees for the three semesters of programs starting in fall 2015. Fees are subject to change for programs starting in fall 2016 and at later dates.

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How to Qualify and Apply

Admission Requirements  

  • College Diploma or Bachelor's Degree, or demonstrated competence through related work experience (resume required)
  • Interview
  • Portfolio
  • Letter of intent

G405 Program Letter of Intent Information

English Proficiency

Applicants with international transcripts who do not provide English proficiency test results must test at the College level in the George Brown College English assessment to be considered for admission. In addition, applicants who are considered for admission to the program based solely on their work experience will be required to provide proof of English proficiency at the college level, and may be required to write the George Brown College English admission assessment.

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Course Exemptions:

College or university credits may qualify you for course exemptions. Please visit for more information.

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Student Success

Success Stories  

Watch the video below to see some of the incredible work created by students of the Digital Design – Game Design Program.


The nine founding members of 13AM Games met while pursuing the Game Design graduate certificate at George Brown College. They committed to transitioning their collaborations into a company after the program concluded. Now they work out of the Digital Media and Gaming Incubator at George Brown that provides the team with space, software licenses, mentorship and support.

They have been working on their first game, Runbow, for a mere six months, after an even shorter three-day creation period at a Global Game Jam in Toronto. Their goal is for the game to get onto both PCs and consoles. Runbow uses retro graphics and a straightforward obstacle-avoidance concept reminiscent of Super Mario Brothers, with its own distinct aesthetic and frantic pace. While still in alpha stage, between prototype and beta, they won Best Game Design at the Level Up Showcase in April.

13AM Games is planning for a Fall 2015 release date with Nintendo. Read more about 13AM Games

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