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Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)

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Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)

The TESL program at George Brown College will provide you with a solid grounding in both the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching English as a second language to adults. Our courses engage with key concepts in phonetics and phonology, linguistics, sociolinguistics, language teaching methods and grammar in the context of teaching English as a second or foreign language (ESL/EFL).


Recognized and Reputable Certification

George Brown College has been training ESL teachers since 1973. Certified by the TESL Association of Ontario, and TESL Canada, George Brown’s TESL program consists of six courses and a Practicum offered over two semesters. Courses cover both theoretical and practical topics. Highly qualified professors use a variety of formats (lectures, seminars, workshops,) as well as multimedia computer labs and language labs to make the program highly interactive and stimulating.

Practical Focus

First semester courses will provide you with a solid grounding in the theory of ESL teaching as it relates to classroom practice. Second semester courses emphasize practical hands-on training. The program has been designed to provide you with opportunities for observing, teaching, tutoring and volunteering in George Brown’s ESL classes under the guidance of experienced faculty.

Dynamic Environment

The TESL program is housed in an actual ESL teaching department, providing TESL students with the opportunity to experience real life teaching and learning situations. TESL students not only observe classes and interact with students regularly, but they can also participate in a variety of activities, which will strengthen their practical experience.

Supportive Faculty

Our TESL faculty possess a wealth of ESL/EFL teaching experience and are highly qualified academically. They understand the concerns and issues of day-to-day ESL teaching and go out of their way to make the TESL experience relevant and satisfying to student teachers.

Commitment to Graduate Employability

We are proud of our graduates! We are committed to helping our graduates find suitable employment. To that end, when able, we hire a certain proportion of our TESL gradates to teach in George Brown’s Intensive English and Continuing Education English programs. Currently we employ a number of TESL grads. We offer job search workshops to help grads locate work. International teaching opportunities are occasionally available for graduates upon being successful in interviews for these projects. We also take some of our TESL grads to teach in China. These teachers acquire important TEFL experience and memories to last a lifetime.