Peer Employment Program

peer tutoringLooking for Work on Campus ? The Peer Employment Program offers full-time students the opportunity to work on-campus with a flexible work schedule and a competitive wage.

The Peer Employment Program at George Brown College aims to help you develop your skills, develop your professional competencies, define who you are, and build your resilience in preparation for the workforce.

Terms of Employment 
How to Apply


Peer Coach: Do you enjoy working with your peers and engaging in fun, high-impact activities? Become a Peer Coach and have the opportunity to serve as a student leader while acquiring skills in peer coaching.

In Class Notetaker: Do you take great class notes? Apply to be a In Class Notetaker to get paid for what you already do so well!

Peer Tutor: Do you have strong academic skills with a positive attitude towards learning? Help others reach their academic goals through tutoring.