Strategic Relationship Marketing Program (Postgraduate) (B409)

Strategic Relationship Marketing
School of Marketing
St. James Campus
12 months (2 semesters in-class, 1 semester work experience)
September, January
Ontario College Graduate Certificate
In this 12-month Strategic Relationship Marketing graduate certificate program, students will develop the foundational knowledge and applied skills that employers value most in the area of Strategic Relationship Marketing. Marketing in this area combines marketing acumen with analytics to turn insights into leading strategic marketing communication.

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In this 12-month Strategic Relationship Marketing graduate certificate program, students will develop the foundational knowledge and applied skills that employers value most in the area of Strategic Relationship Marketing. Marketing in this area combines marketing acumen with analytics to turn insights into leading strategic marketing communication. This involves capturing and harnessing vast amounts of information to provide insights about how to market to different customers with targeted one-to-one communications.

This learning experience will enable you to:

  • Gather, analyze and interpret data in order to make sound marketing decisions
  • Create a professional marketing plan using marketing planning processes and tools
  • Create professional marketing reports and presentations using industry standard software
  • Plan, implement and evaluate a Strategic Relationship Marketing project
B409 - Photo of students

Field Education 


Your Field Study Options 

Work Experience (Co-op or Internship Work Term)

This program requires the successful completion of a one-semester work experience to graduate This work experience is either co-op (paid) or internship (unpaid) Either one will give you the practical experience employers value.

George Brown works with employers and industry partners to identify potential work experience opportunities. Students are also strongly encouraged to pursue self-directed industry work experience opportunities they believe would provide the learning experiences they value and meet the learning outcomes of the program. This valuable work experience can in turn be added to your resume.

In addition to more formal on-the-job work experience George Brown College endeavours to provide field education opportunities with real world challenges and clients. Find out more about field education at the Centre for Business.

Program Standards and Learning Outcomes  

Each George Brown College certificate, diploma, advanced diploma and graduate certificate program is expected to deliver specific program learning outcomes. Program learning outcomes are statements that describe the knowledge and skills that students are expected to demonstrate by the end of their program of study. Programs are designed to deliver both vocation or discipline-specific learning outcomes and more generic essential employability skills (including communication, numeracy, critical thinking and problem solving, information management, interpersonal and personal skills).

In addition to the aforementioned learning outcome requirements, College programs are required to provide students with exposure to a breadth of learning beyond their vocational field, to increase their awareness of the society and culture in which they live and work. This breadth requirement is addressed through additional mandatory General Education courses in the program curriculum.

To see the relevant program learning outcomes for your specific program of study, please visit

Course Outline

Required Courses 

In order to graduate from the B409 program, you need to complete the following 13 Mandatory courses and 1 Work Experience Term

Printable Curriculum Planner 2016-2017pdf file


semester courses
Code Course Name Pre-requisite
COMP 1192 Computer Applications for Database Marketing NONE
MARK 1024 Marketing Seminar Series NONE
MARK 1027 Marketing Management NONE
MARK 2037 Database Marketing  Strategies I NONE
MARK 4005 Applied Business Communications NONE
STAT 4000 Statistics for Marketing NONE
BUS 4000 Work Experience Prep Course NONE

Work Experience Term

semester courses
Code Course Name Pre-requisite
COOP 4004 or INTN 4004 Work Experience Term BUS 4000


semester courses
Code Course Name Pre-requisite
COMP 4035 Computer Applications for Database Marketing II COMP 1192 & STAT 4000
MARK 1107 Direct and Interactive Marketing MARK 2037
MARK 2040 Strategic Project MARK 2037 & MARK 1027
MARK 4007 Marketing Research STAT 4000
MARK 4008 Data Mining & Modeling MARK 2037 & STAT 4000
MARK 4012 Marketing Metrics MARK 1027

Detailed course outlines

Careers and Post-Graduate Study Opportunities

Your Career 

You will be prepared for careers in a variety of customer-centric industries, such as telecommunications and media, not-for-profit, retail, financial services and marketing services agencies. Graduates from the program have found employment as:

  • Marketing Analyst
  • Account Manager
  • Business Data Analyst
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Database Marketing Coordinator

There are many pathways into the Strategic Relationship Marketing Graduate Certificate B409 program including work, college programs and university programs. After graduating from the program, students can begin their career.

Tuition and Fees


$3,923.00* †

Additional Cost 

*Amounts listed are the total of tuition, materials, student service and ancillary fees for the first two semesters of programs starting in fall 2015. Fees are subject to change for programs starting in fall 2016 and at later dates.

† This program includes 1 Work Experience semester. The tuition fee for this program does NOT include the cost of the Work Experience semester. The Work Experience fee of $450 covers the cost of the Work Experience Preparation course and Work Experience semester.

International students: Visit the International Fees and Related Costs page for more information.

How to Qualify and Apply

Admission Requirements  

  • College Advanced Diploma (3-year) or Bachelor's Degree or demonstrated, relevant experience (resume required)

English Proficiency

Applicants with international transcripts who do not provide English proficiency test results must test at the College level in the George Brown College English assessment to be considered for admission.

Please visit for more details.

Course Exemptions

Some college and university credits may qualify you for exemptions. Please visit for more information.

International (Visa) Students

Visit the International Admissions page for more information.

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Student Success

Success Stories  

Riddhi Modi

"I came to Canada leaving behind the corporate world to pursue my dreams and it was indeed a big milestone to achieve. Strategic Relationship Management is the most intense and practical program for marketers interested in data analytics, market research and consumer insights. The on campus and off campus opportunities are amazing at George Brown and they gave me a chance to develop the industry relationships. I ended up doing a co-op in the Marketing department of the college and the experience has been incredible. It has definitely opened many doors to pursue a full-time job later in the field of marketing. My potential has been best recognised here and I am proud to choose George Brown College as a stepping stone to my success."

Riddhi Modi, Student, Strategic Relationship Marketing program

Alumnus Bailie Ross portrait

"I'd always been interested in marketing and I sort of shopped around the schools in the GTA. I called some employers to find out where they hire out of. A lot of them recommended George Brown. I find that the learning in most of our courses are very interactive. We get a chance to learn and then apply that learning into different case studies, different presentations. Taking this year to invest in my future has really been worthwhile. I know I've got marketable skills." Hear more about Bailie Ross' story in our Video

Bailie Ross, Student, Strategic Relationship Marketing Program

Alumnus Faraz Thambi portrait

“I chose the Strategic Relationship Marketing graduate certificate because it intersects between relationship marketing and database marketing, which gave me an edge over a traditional program.” Read more about Faraz's story in our Alumni Success Stories

Faraz Thambi, Graduate 2012, Strategic Relationship Marketing; Business Analyst, Rivit Global

Catherine Riley B409

"With a background in the arts and gallery management, I was looking for a career change. The Strategic Relationship Marketing program at George Brown provided me with the opportunity to easily change my career path and successfully land a position in marketing two weeks after graduation.”

Catherine Riley, Graduate 2008, Strategic Relationship Marketing; Marketing Manager, Investments, RBC

Rahman Sarker B409

"Taking the Strategic Relationship Marketing program at George Brown College played a pivotal role in relaunching my career in Canada. Rich contents of the program coupled with industry network opportunity, enabled me to take the career path that I love and where I can excel.”

Rahman Sarker, Graduate 2004, Strategic Relationship Marketing; Manager, Strategic Insight Reporting, RBC

Rick Li B409

"I came to Canada as an immigrant from China without any local working experience. The B409 program gave me much-needed local industry experience and solid technical skills, which not only landed me a position in the Financial industry straight out of school, but also built a solid foundation for me to progress my career further in the analytics field. Furthermore, the combination of the well-structured program, experienced and dedicated professors from both academic and industry and stimulating group studies with classmates made the learning experience all the more enjoyable and rewarding.”

Rick Li, Graduate 2004, Strategic Relationship Marketing; Manager, Strategic Insight Reporting, RBC

Laney Galloway B409

"Going to the George Brown post graduate Strategic Relationship Marketing Program was the step I needed to help me start my career. The program introduced me to the broader aspects of marketing, including the industry, networking, how to look for a job and how to interview for one. My professors drew from their real world marketing careers to help me learn to think strategically and taught me practical skills that helped me establish my value quickly once working. Hands down, I would not be where I am today had I not signed up for the post graduate Strategic Relationship Marketing Program at George Brown.”

Laney Galloway, Graduate 2006, Strategic Relationship Marketing; Senior Account Manager, Commercial Financial Services, RBC

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Strategic Relationship Marketing (B409)

For inquiries related to this program (for example, course-specific information) please contact the Program Coordinator:

Jon Callegher, Program Coordinator

Kathy Dumanski, Chair, School of Marketing

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